Monday, January 11, 2016

Waking Astronomer //// Bottles

"Although newcomers, the collective, which includes the talents of multi-instrumentalist/composer Alexa Lima, vocalist (and Marvel/DC Comics illustrator) Afua Richardson, and producer Deku, joined forces to create one of the more exhilarating experimental pop groups to surface in the Atlanta music scene in years.

The electronic-jazz and soul instrumentations embellished through this cut are layered seamlessly with lead singer Afua’s meditative vocals and catchy wordplay to gives us a unique, yet mesmerizing soundscape. Gaining a formidable following through their live shows over the past few years, the trio is set to release their first full project via Psych Army Intergalactic Records on February 5th.

The record will be available on all major digital music retailers and streaming services, and the cassette will be available on the Psych Army bandcamp. The album will also be out in comic bookform sometime after the initial release.
Waking Astronomer is solidifying themselves within the industry and doing it their own innovative way. Witness it all for yourself as you tune into “Bottles” below."

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Clothes //// Selected Rhythms Vol. 1: Cut Your Eye Teeth

This is a beat compilation comprised of beats made within that past 4 years from our artist Clothes! Some old, some new. 

Download available at !

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

JP Villa //// Substance

Grab the new album after the jump! I was inspired to put this project together after seeing some artworks by Bryan Lewis Saunders. Specifically his most popular series “Under the Influence”, in which Bryan drew a series of different self portraits while under the effects of various different drugs. ( This is basically the same concept just with a different medium. After seeing Saunders artworks for the first time, my mind began to wander and I became very curious as to how such an experiment would affect my own craft, music.
And so it began, It took some time but I was able to clear my schedule of any shows or meetings for the 3 weeks necessary to complete the experiment. I decided to name my new project "Substance" for two reasons. Every show that I've ever played I would say at the very least 85% of the people in attendance were under the influence of something...Especially festivals though. I would easily say 98% in regards to those. I found it very interesting to see how intertwined drugs and electronic music festivals have gotten. Of course I'm obviously not judging anybody, and in fact, every product used in this experiment was acquired at a electronic music concert and/or festival.
The second reason was to serve as a sort of critique of the electronic music scene in general, and is also a play on words. IMO many artists in the EDM scene sound extremely similar. NOT ALL OF COURSE! But I would say the majority of them do, but this is just my personal opinion. I feel as though many of these artists works are unoriginal, lack of soul, and above all, have absolutely NO#Substance!
So grab the new album to hear what you've been missing in your life!
Artwork by: Eugene Walela

released December 11, 2015