Sunday, August 02, 2015

Catt Moop //// 6God Remix

New remix from the 1/2 HYDRABADD and ATL homie Catt Moop !

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Amin Payne //// Saffron

New heat from our brother down under Amin Payne! Get the new album "Saffron" here!

JP Villa X C M O ™

Elaquent //// Good Karma

New album for Elaquent "Good Karma" is out now via HW&W Records! Get it here!

Shigeto x Devonwho //// 2010

"It's been nearly 5 years since Devonwho and I were working on a joint 12" for All City Dublin. Since life doesn't always go as planned (especially with artistic investments) we never released the tracks and have been sitting on an EP of sorts ever since. 
In a recent conversation with Devon, we both thought it had been long enough and we should just give them away...
So Devonwho and I present to you our "2010" EP" 
Enjoy! <3 nbsp="">

Wednesday, July 08, 2015


The homie Raj Mahal in Collaboration with HouseShoes present The Gift Vol. 8

"I've known Raj for a long time.
A frequent patron at St. Andrews in the prime years, Raj has been honing his craft for years. I hit him last year to send me a gang of joints to see if he had enough heat on deck for me to put him in the series.
On Xmas eve last year, I put the 88 joints that Raj sent me a few weeks earlier in my phone to go thru. The next day my lil homie Smokey died 15 mins after my son opened his presents. I had to go to the store after all this and pressed play on Raj's joints son as I got in the car.
The first track in the playlist sounded like Smokey's fucking funeral, and I knew when I heard this that that the world to had to hear it. I just had to find 11 more joints out of those 88. I did.
Limited vinyl late summer.
Welcome to The Gift - Vol VIII: Raj Mahal...Enjoy."

Get it Here!


Check out my boi ETHEREAL of Awful Records new release. Cop his new album "Final Fantasy" via his bandcamp