Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Mike Ellwood Picture: HYPERCUBE (trailer)

"Have you ever been in an another dimension where there are no longer four corners to a wall? It is called...the HYPERCUBE" - Beaker

Hypercube is filmmaker Mike Ellwood's (What Up Doe!) senior film guaranteed to blow minds! I can honestly say that you'll never see anything like this, EVER. Too ill for words. The music is all original, done by Mike Ellwood and myself. Check the trailer out below and show your love!

Starring: Sean Carter, Kurt Pierce, Hiroyuki Kawabata, Kristina Wright, Lance Ward, Joe Mota, Heather-Lynn, Reese Sadoff, Channing Clark, Aaron Marsh, Shane Thomas O'Hara, McGraw Wolfman, and Evan Watkins