Tuesday, December 22, 2009

DJ Rels Mix Secret Record Sets A+B

Madlib & Stones Throw with more hot shit:

From the Stones Throw Site:
"A few years ago DJ Rels released his one and only album Theme for a Broken Soul on Stones Throw. We sent out a CD to a few of the stores selling this album which contained a mix Madlib made on behalf of Rels, a non-album track and a bonus beat. The CD at the office had hand-drawn art, but the one at the stores didn't. It's called DJ Rels Mix + Bonus Tracks.

The mix was two tracks, "Secret Record Set A" and "Secret Record Set B" (titles not listed on the CD art). Set "B" was just over the one minute mark."

Madlib is the man of the decade. Enjoy: