Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dr. Who Dat? on Dem Boards

Live and direct out of the Brooklyn borough on down to Philly, Jneiro Jarel has slowly been digging his way up through the hip-hop underground for 15 years.

(Smooci Radio) One hour dj set featuring Jnerio Jarel

Pure Heat!

Dr. Who Dat? (Beyond 2morrow)

It’s not like you can point out Viberia on a map, but considering that Jneiro Jarel holds it down for the city of brotherly love, no one could fault you for thinking that it might be a suburb outside of Philadelphia. However, with the return of Dr. Who Dat? (Jarel’s beat-making alter ego), it’s becoming clear that Viberia isn’t even a part of this solar system. More intergalactic than the previous album Beat Journey, Beyond 2morrow is a digital-only release, which almost emphasizes its intangibility and amorphous qualities.

13 Ghetto dreaming - Dr. Who Dat? - Beyond 2morrow by BluntGutsNation

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