Thursday, December 24, 2009

Shlohmo XL8R Mix

This mix is brought to you by the good people over at XL8R. They got 19 year old co-founder of the WeDidItCollective Henry Laufer aka Shlohmo to drop an incredible mix for the end of 09. 2010 has alot instore for this kid and the whole beat movement, its gonna be a good year. Anyway enjoy this beautiful mix and SMOKE MORE BLUNTS!

And Keep an eye out for Shlohmoshun Deluxe droppin sometime in January.


01 Shlohmo "Tall Grass"
02 Juj "Pomegranate Limeade Just Spilled All Over My Laptop" (Wedidit)
03 Shlohmo "Windowlight"
04 Non Epic "Cops Helping Kids" (Wedidit)
05 Ground Is Lava "Get On My Water Level" (Wedidit)
06 Joseph "Untitled" (Unreleased (Wedidit)
07 Shlohmo "7AM (Devonwho Remix)" (Friends of Friends)
08 Juj "SoulBounce" (Wedidit)
09 Shlohmo "Scooters"
10 Shlohmo "Teeth" (Friends of Friends)
11 Shlohmo "VOR/oFF"
12 Low Limit "Trapperkeeper"
13 Dem Hunger "Bathtub Birth"
14 Oscar McClure "Untitled" (Leaving)
15 Elan "I Can't Breathe" (Wedidit)
16 Matthewdavid "You Know You're Not Alone"
17 0 "Lover's Defect" (Indigo Pyramid)
18 Dak "Hunch" (Leaving)
19 Abdul Alim (a.k.a. Knxwledge) "Spritzr"
20 Mindesign "Airways" (Record Breakin)
21 The Dene Road "And She Was Touched"
22 Non Epic "Untitled" (Wedidit)
23 Infinite Potentials "Escapizm" (Indigo Pyramid)
24 Teebs "Bern Rhythm Codeine Version"
25 Shlohmo "Shapes In The Dark"
1hr 15min
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also here is some old Shlohmo and the TOKiMOSTA RMX to fuck your face up!

Hot Boxing the Cockpit by shlohmo

Shlohmo - Hot Boxing the Cockpit (TOKiMONSTA remix) by TOKiMONSTA