Sunday, January 31, 2010

Impressions of the Inexpressible Invisible

Electric Egypt amazing album "Impressions of the Inexpressible Invisible" has recently been re-mastered and re-released by Japanese label Moamoo. u can cop it here!

Electric Egypt returns to the urban world (for a little while anyway) to enirch us with his mystical journies in audio form. Download E.E.'s single "East of the River Sepik" Thanks to Dublab!

East of the River Sepik - Electric Egypt by BluntGutsNation

Shouts To Infinite Potentials for putting me on to this gem!


Check out Aspect 1 and his latest project VIBE.OVER. If you were fortunate enough to catch a live show consider yourself lucky. This cat only does shows on occasion for his main focus is the beats !

Tainted Love - Aspect 1 by BluntGutsNation

Concert - Aspect 1 by BluntGutsNation

Rock With U - Aspect 1 by BluntGutsNation

Dibiase Beat Set

Bang it Out !!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birfday TOKi

In celebration of TOKiMONSTA's B-Day she made a 20 minute mix of some ill shit. So roll up a blunt and smoke one for TOKi.

Get Get Get it!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Dam Funk!

Dam Funk just released his 5 vinyl box set of "Toeachizown" (which I think was one of last years best releases) and for his fans who were waiting for the vinyl to be ready, he releases a new track for free. Titled "Speak The Truth" is not on Toeachizown, but was just completed. Another ill track with Dam Funk showing more of his vocal side, which I think works great on this track.

Well Got Dam Funk!

Dam Funk - Speak The Truth

"What you do to me"

My good friend Nigel One let me in on his new project entitled Hellamega. Hellamega is a collaboration featuring Nigel one and Peripheral, a full length album is to be released on Skew records in mid February- March. Check out this promotional video for the groups single "What you do to me".

Big ups to my man !! Video produced by 9planets

Vlooper x Modlee

Canadian producer VLooper has brought his abstract, disconnected soul sound to a wide variety of projects, from solo records like the neon blaster series to his "Bullesbubbles" collaboration with African beatmaker KenLo.

The latest, "Digital Flowers," pairs up his skittery sonics with buttery R&B courtesy of spouse Gabrielle Modlee.

Get it!


Just the other day my man Infinite-Potentials sent us this ill beattape on soundcloud(Good Lookin Out). This shit is bangin as fuck so check it out. Anyway the dudes name is 0. and the albums is called ennui . He is part of the epic Indigo Pyramid so keep an eye out for this cat. Him and his crew are gonna be doin big things in 2010.

Grab it. Dont miss Out.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cafe Del Unda - You Dig? Mix Song (Two)

It's like 70+ outside during the daytime's fucking January! I almost got stung by a bee today. Shit chea. I know its not nice like this in other places so here's a new Cafe Del Unda mix to keep that ass warm. Funk/Boogie/Soul Jazz/Brazilian/Nigerian goodness. Like bootleg liquor on a Sunday night.

Get Dat.

Cafe Del Unda - You Dig? Mix Song

Oh yea, song is two in Thai.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

live in Paris,La Maroquinerie

The Bad Kid live in Paris. What I love about this show is that it features an emcee set and dj set !

hot shit!

T5 Soul Sessions : First up (Prefuse 73)

The promotional giveaway (limited copies) from NYC clothing store/line Triple Five Soul. This is the first in the T5 Soul Sessions series. Scott Herren refers to his work on Volume 1 as "a small sample of what I go home and listen to. More than a traditional mixtape, I preferred to let the introspective side in and share the sounds that I play when I’m cooking dinner, just thinking, or not sitting behind an MPC and various instruments for 12 hours!"

Prefuse 73 - 07 - [unknown] by BluntGutsNation

Prefuse 73 - 18 - [unknown] by BluntGutsNation

Unfortunately, at Herren's personal request, he will not release any information regarding the artists or track information from this compilation. This collection contains random Latin American tracks of different styles with few, new original material by Prefuse 73 in the mix.
Stay tuned for later episodes in the series !
Epic !!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Amenta & fLako!

RBMA 2010 participant Amenta & producer fLako release two free tracks via Up My Alley . Had the pleasure of meeting Amenta while I was up north in Toronto for the winter. Big big shout out to her and Mymanhenri of 92bpm. Have a neck-snappin' time in London! Much love to the fam up north!

Get Dat:
fLako & amento – Do You
fLako & Amento - 04500


Mayer Hawthorne!

The retro soul singer/instrumentalist/DJ/producer blew my mind the first time I heard the single, "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out". I was chillin over at the Blunt Guts house when Raoul Duke put the heart shaped vinyl on his turntable and my ears melted. The first words out of my mouth were, "Yo...what the fuck is this!" Well, "this" was Mayer Hawthorne aka DJ Haircut aka Artist of the Year declared by Real Detroit magazine. I can't wait to hear his new stuff this year, apparently Mayer's dipping into some Brazilian music! Check out the article below from Real Detroit, followed by a Dusty Fingers video of Hawthorne @ the Groove Merchant record store in San Fransisco, and lastly his new mix of rare soul 45s titled, "Soul With A Hole Vol. 1".

Written by Treasure Groh, photo by Jeremy Deputat. Published in Real Detroit Weekly, December 29, 2009.

"I was in my car not too long ago listening to 89X, a common occurrence if you must know. And as I was cruising down Woodward Avenue, a familiar sound popped up — a chime-like sound of a piano and a silky voice slowly crooning: “Whoa …maybe so, maybe no,” before a snazzy beat dropped and the chorus came in. I smiled before tweeting that I just heard Mayer Hawthorne on the radio, surprisingly for the first time. You see, Mayer Hawthorne is a big deal these days. His album has been greeted with critical acclaim and the adoration of many an artist, from the likes of Alicia Keys to Justin Timberlake. He’s signed to famed Stones Throw Records and has become, in half a year’s time, a musical golden boy — and he never even planned it. I’ve written about him twice in one month. Even my own mother likes him. That, ladies and gentlemen, is true talent.

The interesting thing about having an artist from Michigan blow up around the globe is this: we knew him before. Hawthorne’s buzz in the Ann Arbor/Detroit area was undeniable years ago when he was better known as DJ Haircut with the group Athletic Mic League and better known as a hip-hop artist than a retro-soul singer. While metro-Detroiters were already up on the new “it" boy, major publications are just now naming him a “breaking” artist. Tweets tagging the link to his first single, "Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out," littered cyberspace and many vinyl junkies made it a point to cop his red heart-shaped seven-inch. DJ Graffiti of A-Side Worldwide, Hawthorne’s management team, says, “Mayer Hawthorne had the best vinyl campaign I’ve seen for any artist,” when mentioning the album, A Strange Arrangement, which was pressed on vinyl and encased with a faux-alligator skin cover and another 45 that was pressed on green vinyl. Hawthorne has made music fun again. He’s made vinyl collectors happy, he’s given lovers of oldies a reason to buy new music and he’s created a classic-soul fan base out of teenagers and early 20-somethings who used to roll their eyes at such music. “It was Peanut Butter Wolf that convinced me that I should create a whole album of soul music … that wasn’t in my plan,” says Hawthorne. He’s shown everyone that even if you end up doing what wasn’t intended, it could change your life.

For something that wasn’t planned, A Strange Arrangement enjoyed a visit on the Billboard 200 hip-hop album chart and a number two peak position on the Heatseekers chart. Not bad at all for an impromptu record deal. Hawthorne has also recently been nominated for Artist of the Year, Album of the Year and Song of the Year for URB Magazine’s 2009 readers’ poll and has been chosen by many an outlet as song of the week for “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out.” Even Playboy Magazine had something to say, choosing Hawthorne as a “breakout artist” early on in 2009 before many had caught on.

The upward mobility that Hawthorne’s career has taken as of late has developed a few rumors, but of the more benevolent species. Rumors seemed to pop up that, because of John Mayer’s fixation with the new crooner’s album, the pair would soon be creating a Mayer vs. Mayer album. And wouldn’t that make some sense? To Hawthorne it doesn’t, as he claims to have never yet met the musician. “Nor have I met most of these celebrities who send out messages about promoting me. That’s definitely been very surreal,” he admits. In addition to this maybe-so-maybe-no collaboration, Hawthorne has also been in the studio with Snoop Dogg and even has a feature on the hip-hop star's new album.

His opening set for the aforementioned John Mayer on New Year’s Eve 2010 is a far cry from the venues he was or is currently playing. Make no mistake, these smaller 500 person venues are most definitely selling out — as the Magic Stick did for Hawthorne’s show just weeks ago. Some may say that the process isn’t happening fast enough; that if Hawthorne is such a force of musical prowess why isn’t the entire country catching on at the same time? Why aren’t his songs being played on top 40 stations? Well, my friends, Hawthorne may not be the overnight sensation that, say, Taylor Swift is. He may not be raking in the award nominations at lightning speed or have videos that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to make. Hawthorne’s career is organic. He is slowly building an empire that won’t easily be crumbled; one that will stand the test of time and, in 20 years, people will still be remembering. Instead of creating an entire career in the States playing in arenas and selling millions of albums, he’s putting in work in Europe — where he just come back from a widely successful tour — and Australia, where he’ll be in the early half of 2010.

Maybe it’s the black-rimmed glasses, argyle sweaters and those undeniably hip Chuck Taylors that complete Hawthorne’s nerdy-cool uniform that have made the globe swoon for him. Or it could be his honeyed vocals, classy swagger and the fact that he’s created a resurgence of tunes that symbolize a simpler time. The best bet is that it’s all of the above. Everything that blends together to compose whatever Mayer Hawthorne is, well, it's simply intoxicating. We can’t get enough of Mayer Hawthorne. We are all hopped-up on whatever drug it is that he’s slipped into our drinks while we were intently listening to his songs. It’s contagious and we can't help but pass it on like an email chain letter. Whatever “it” is, it’s safe to say that it's a high we're in no hurry to come down from."

Here's Hawthorne digging for records. And yea man, I feel you on people blowing your phone up while your in the record store. Always happens.'s "Soul With A Hole Vol. 1" for sale @ Stones Throw.

Full yet?

AKAI's New APC20

Awwww yes.

Akai introduces the APC20, the more affordable little brother of the APC40. This is Akai's second controller release dedicated to Ableton Live. Just like the APC40 it features a multicolor 8x5 button Session View Matrix, 9 high-quality faders and two-way communication with Ableton Live.

One of the cool features is that if you have an APC40 already, you can hook the APC20 up to it in it's "Combination Mode" and have access to 16 tracks and a 80-button grid.'s the really ILL part.

You can run up to 6 APC20s at one time.

(Chris Tucker Voice) - GOD DAAMN!

Check out a video performance of the APC20 in action:


Savannah's Acid Throwing Woman

Check out her "I DIDN'T DO IT" T-Shirt.

Welcome to Savannah.

Mochilla - Hear The World (Mix)

I was meaning to post this about a month ago when I received it in my inbox, but it was lost due to a flood of emails from Nigerian royalty and tips on how to make my sex life better. The good people at Mochilla & VTech released a mix called "Hear The World" which consists of Ethiopian jazz, Colombian Funk, Brasilian Folk, Jazz, fusion and Hip-Hop. It also features music from Mulatu, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and the Suite for Ma Dukes Orchestra, Arthur Verocai, Azymuth, Quantic and his Combo Barbaro, Karriem Riggins, Jackson Conti, and Exile.

Can you say WORD?! (Say It Loud).

Get dat FREE mix here:

Peace to B. Coleman & the Mochilla fam for always droppin' heat. Don't Sleep!

Lazer Sword Live

The whole Blunt Guts Crew hopped into Pancho's car on saturday and drove 2hrs up to Charlston, South Carolina to catch Lazer Sword droppin some serious heat. Their entire set was bangers from start to finish. Low Limit and Lando Kal fuckin murdered the burrito spot/bar. The place was packed and wild as fuck, proof that a beat show can go down in the south. Here is a video I put together of their face melting performance. Enjoy.

Pancho & Unda gettin some dranks

Pancho Villa, Lando Kal, Raoul Duke

Unda, Low Limit, Raoul Duke, Pancho Villa, Some demon guy, Lando Kal

Overall the show was fucking incredible, if Lazer Sword is coming anywhere near your town GO. During the show Low Limit Dropped an outrageous remix of Quasimoto's Broad Factor. Check it out.

Pic of the Day

Croup Beats !!!

Comin straight out of Calgone, Germany, Croup's "Nuthin but a Beat Thing" is riddled with static

Croup - Sometimes by BluntGutsNation

Croup - Ukulele by BluntGutsNation

44 tracks

Mr. Riggins (Beat Tape)

Jazz drummer, hip hop producer, and occasional rapper Karriem provides us with some more soulful sounds !

Karriem riggins - echo o by BluntGutsNation

Karriem riggins - Think about it by BluntGutsNation
11 tracks
Don't Sleep !

Lifetime Psychedelic Dance Lessons

Dalt Wisney - Smokey Daze Forever by BluntGutsNation

After returning from what he described to be the "best lucid dream experience ever", the Red Bull Music Academy badge toting bag of tricks that is Mr. Wisney decided to get off his lazy bum and launch this netlabel, kicking it off with this ep that contains tracks that have circled across the globe and back, been deleted, recovered, played in dodgy place for dodgy people, all before being compiled in a nice little zip file for you to download and enjoy, for free ofcourse.
Dalt Wisney - Lifetime Psychedelic Dance Lessons


Get It!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Its about time that I put some of these tracks up from my man MNUVR. Coming straight outta Savannah GA bringing some incredible neck breakin heat and meltin faces with his heavy ass tunes. Anyway give these tracks a listen check out his myspace, follow his sound cloud and show the man some love! Me and Pancho owe this dude alot, he pulled us outta of the house parties and put us on for our first real shows and for that we are forever grateful.

MNUVR Basik lee by MNUVR

Fat man stomp VIP by MNUVR

Download his ill ass 5 track promo exclusively @ BluntGutsNation

"Play in your stereo your crew will go ape shit"

Killin em in 8 bit (Safety Words) BLUNT GUTS EXCLUSIVE !!

Just checked my email only to find this gem provided by Safety Words. Download the Ghostfaced Pixels Sampler exclusively at Blunt Guts. You can cop the whole album and physical copies from the group's myspace page. They also have several mixes available for download too, check it out!

Safety Words - Criminolgo - The Ghostfaced Pixels Mixtape by BluntGutsNation

Ghostfaced Pixels Sampler

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pic of the Day


Prefuse 73 (The Nonalbum)

More heat from the one they call Guillermo Scott Herren!

Behaviour - Prefuse 73 - Nonalbum by BluntGutsNation

Shitslime Garbage Can vs. My Mpc - Prefuse 73 - Nonalbum by BluntGutsNation

Prefuse 73 - The Nonalbum

Elaquent Remixes( Joints for the Ipod )

Pharcyde - Passin Me By (Elaquent Remix) by BluntGutsNation

"Hopefully, yall enjoy the remixes. I was more ambitious with these ones than the other remixes I've done in the past.If anyone wants to throw me any feedback, or has any questions, concerns, etc, please dont hesitate to hit me up via myspaceor email. If you wanna get at me for beats, dont be a stranger..let me know whats up. feel free to add me on msn as well..

Make sure you check out everybody on my top 24 on myspace as well.
one love,-eQ"

Elaquent (Joints for the Ipod)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


We are proud to present artist, beatmaker, and good friend of Blunt Guts, 3L. Hailing from Chicago, IL, this dude is sure to turn some heads in 0'10. Influenced by artists like Kenlo, Vlooper and Fat Jon, 3L's beats range from smooth jazz loops to raw chopped vocal samples. Download 3L's "Digital" Highly Recommended!

3L - Giant Robot - Digital by BluntGutsNation

3L - Lazers & Such - Digital by BluntGutsNation

3L - Without Destination - Digital by BluntGutsNation

Download 3L's "Digital" exclusively at Blunt Guts
Don't Sleep on this Heat !!!

Cafe Del Unda - You Dig? Mix Uno

Over the weekend I was digging in the vaults and decided to make a mix of some records (mostly rare, a couple you might recognize) that I have. This mix is over a hour long including soul, African psychedelia, 80s boogie, Brazilian gems, Bollywood soundtracks, jazz funk, and more to make that ass shake, cry, make love to, smoke to, etc. BEATHEADS, LOOP-DIGGERS, & MUSIC LOVERS don't sleep on this mix!

Get dat.

Cafe Del Unda - You Dig? Mix Uno


Friday, January 08, 2010

Pig Style

Aardvark's track "Nose" was featured on Beat Dimensions Volume 1. Check out his new beattape entitled Pig Style!

Aardvarck - Dunk - Pigstyle by BluntGutsNation
Get Dat!

Cupp Cave ( A Look At The Future )

Belgium beatmaker Cupp Cave is making big noise with his album Garbage Pale Beats. It's jampacked with 32 tracks so don't sleep! If you're a fan of Samiyam you'll love this shit. You can cop off Rushhour.

Miamiga - Cupp Cave - Garbage Pail Beats by BluntGutsNation

Discrete Mathematics - Cupp Cave - Garbage Pail Beats by BluntGutsNation

To hold yall over here's an exclusive mix of library tracks compiled by Cupp Cave entitled (A Look At The Future)

Brace Yourself!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Pic of the Day

SAMURAI !!!!!!!!!


Clunk Clunk !!!

Slugabed is Brighton based producer and DJ working in dubstep and hip-hop scenes. Slugabed is also the is resident DJ at THEM in London and DONKY PITCH in Brighton, both very fun
parties !!
Slugabed Beat tape
Don't Sleep !!!
Bangers out the ass !!!


Got these off Pudge's myspace a while back, luckily before his account went inactive.

Shit Yeah!

You aint no factor(07') - P.U.D.G.E. - DILLAMENT by BluntGutsNation

WestCoastPlayers(08') - P.U.D.G.E. - DILLAMENT by BluntGutsNation

Six tracks paying homage to the Late Great Jay Dee.


Remixing! (Sir OJ x FS Green)

So how did this album come to be? Dutch radio station KINK FM and television network Veronica (V-Academy) recently did this program called CollabOrHate. Each week they put 2 totally different artist / singer / band / producer / musician in a studio for 6 hours, with the idea of making a track together, and see if they would Collab or Hate. Simple, fun.

The end resulted in six remixes giftwrapped by FS and OJ themselves.

Dank u wel !!

A2 Lavinia Meijer & Golfclub - Better Future (SirOJ Remix) by BluntGutsNation

Monday, January 04, 2010

Pic of the Day


Rockstar Games and Timberland present the ATL remixes. You already know Bluntguts has love for the A...but when you incorporate producers like Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, And Prefuse 73, some shit is going to get smashed !!! I suggest you don't sleep.

Shout out to the good people at Adult Swim for putting together this free album!


Photoshoot - Gucci Mane (Flying Lotus remix) by BluntGutsNation

Satellite - B.O.B. (Hudson Mohawke remix) by BluntGutsNation

Dey Know - Shawty Lo- (Prefuse 73 remix) by BluntGutsNation


Satellite - B.OB - (Hudson Mohawke Remix)

Hello Miss - Cee Lo - (Armani XXXChange remix)

Imma G - Dem Getaway Boys (Memory Tapes Remix)

Is That You God? - Good Time Guys (Dabrye remix)

Lost - Gorilla Zoe - (Starkey Remix)

Photoshoot - Gucci Mane - (Flying Lotus Remix)

BreakinO Bread - Kollosus - (Phaseone Remix)

Give It All You Got - Lil Jon - (Danger of Beach Remix)

Give It All You Got - Lil Jon (Danger of Death Remix)

Good Night - OJ Da Juiceman Ft. Gucci Mane (Health Remix)

LookinO - Pill -(Chris Devoe Remix)

Sideways - Playboy Tre - (Salem Drag Chop Remix)

Patina Dem - Rich Kids - (Mad Decent Patanos Remix by DJA)

Dey Know - Shawty Lo - (Prefuse 73 Remix)

Take Off - Young Dro - (Michna Remix)

I Got This - Young Jeezy- (El-P Remix)


Sunday, January 03, 2010



Nosaj Thing (The Remix Ep)

Nosaj Thing presents (The Remix Ep). Five exclusive remixes garunteed to snap your neck!

01-daedelus - its madness (Nosaj Thing Remix) Remix Ep by BluntGutsNation

04-nalepa flatlands (Nosaj Thing Remix) Remix Ep by BluntGutsNation

Blunt Guts Nation

Mr. Dibiase Beat CD

Hailing from LA's very own Watt's, Dibiase a.k.a Diabolic's productions run the gambit from 8 bit video game classics to seductive soul to raw grungy bangers. This guy has no limitations, no sample is safe.

Dibiase - Track 11 - Dibiase Beat CD by BluntGutsNation

15 tracks

Bang it out yall!

Afta 1 x Submaster 7 (WATER)

Afta-1 and Submaster 7 bring us "Water" an eight track unreleased Ep. I'm not the biggest fan of Submaster's but Afta 1's production is always so on point, and luckily he blessed us with some insturmental joints on this biatch! Good Looks!

03. afta1 and submaster7 - Did Yall Forget? by BluntGutsNation

06. afta1 and submaster7 - Afta Interlude by BluntGutsNation

Don't sleep people!

Killin em in 8 Bit!

This kid is unbelievable he's jammin like 10 gameboys each with their own sequencing program! Making ill live music on the streets of japan. GET THIS KID A SHOW OUTSIDE OF THE LOW END THEORY!

ELM&OAK Podcast Volume 1: Devonwho

In celebration of the new year rolling in the homie Devonwho provides the first mix in the ELM&OAK podcast series!


If you don’t know about Devonwho you can find more info on his myspace , twitter , or on his crew’s page ( Klipm0de ). Devon also just released a 7” on UK’s FAT CITY RECORDS and was named in the top 5 of Dam Funk’s Favorite top 10 artists of 2009 !!

devonwho – blueline – CDR
illum sphere – psycho (samiyam remix) – fat city
monopoly – glow – CDR
hi-res – funkshuns – freshselects
dibiase – keep on runnin – CDR
samiyam – woodrow – CDR
mike slott – my lightbridge – all city
mike slott – my lightbridge (knxwledge remix) – CDR
harmonic 313 – problem 4 – warp
jaylib – starz – stones throw
samiyam – 200$ – poobah
knxwledge – velvet rope – klipmode
knxwledge – wondrful – CDR
mndsgn – ft. devonwho – klipmode
oh no – getaway ft. aloe blacc – stones throw
low limit – turf day – rushhour
dizz1 – here we go again – nod navigators
devonwho – todo – klipmode int’l
mdnsgn – delaghetto – klipmode
devonwho – nimbus (alex b remix) – klipmode
devonwho – nimbus – fat city
suzi analogue – nnxt message (tokimonsta remix) – CDR
the gaslamp killer – birthday music – brainfeeder

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Pic of the Day

Gilles Peterson World Wide Awards (featuring Dorian Concept)

Gilles Peterson blesses us with yet another gem. More live shit from the all mighty Dorian Concept who closed the World Wide Awards back in January.
Kinda on the short side, but live as fuck nonetheless.

Ville - Marie Mixette

We head to Montreal for the Ville-Marie Mixette by Kenlo Craqnuques. It may not be a name you're familiar with, but rest assured this dude will be making big noise this year. He was included on Beat Dimensions Volume Two, and his name definitely stood out. In case you've been sleeping Montreal is bringing the fucking heat!


KenLo Craqnuques – Six Cent Quatre Vingt Seize (unreleased)

Metazon feat Kev Brown – The Man (Incubator remix)

VLooper & Modlee – I Got Yur Signals

KenLo Craqnuques – Lokombe (BullesbubblesII2II avec VLooper)

KenLo Craqnuques – Cobaye Swing (unreleased)

Moonstarr feat Tony Ezzy – Laham Baagine

Amp Fiddler & Corrine Bailey – If I Don’t (Craqnuques Dendrophile Remélange)

KenLo Craqnuques – Douplex

KenLo Craqnuques – Somnambullesque (Rose)

Jamai & P-dox (K6A) – American Dream

Boogat feat Oneness – Soul of Deya

Tomisheep – Zombies

Homeless Royalty – Return Of The King

David Ryshpan & KenLo Crqnqs – Dancing Serpent (Dusky rmx)

VLooper – SO WTF