Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lazer Sword Live

The whole Blunt Guts Crew hopped into Pancho's car on saturday and drove 2hrs up to Charlston, South Carolina to catch Lazer Sword droppin some serious heat. Their entire set was bangers from start to finish. Low Limit and Lando Kal fuckin murdered the burrito spot/bar. The place was packed and wild as fuck, proof that a beat show can go down in the south. Here is a video I put together of their face melting performance. Enjoy.

Pancho & Unda gettin some dranks

Pancho Villa, Lando Kal, Raoul Duke

Unda, Low Limit, Raoul Duke, Pancho Villa, Some demon guy, Lando Kal

Overall the show was fucking incredible, if Lazer Sword is coming anywhere near your town GO. During the show Low Limit Dropped an outrageous remix of Quasimoto's Broad Factor. Check it out.