Friday, January 01, 2010

LORN! on a mission to melt your face.

I stumbled onto Lorn's myspace a few weeks ago and it blew my fucking mind! This dude makes incredible music, every song starts off so grimey and dark but then they build up to a level of epicness I can't explain with words, only violent arm motions. Anyway he's definitely holdin it down for Brainfeeder with his beautiful beats and equally incredible artwork like the one shown above. This guy is seriously about to sucker punch 2010 right in it's head.
Stop by his myspace. Show some love. Buy some art. Listen to some jams. Say Hi.
Greatest Silence - Lorn by BluntGutsNation
Samiyam x Lorn - Lorn by BluntGutsNation
Wake Up Fucked Up - Lorn by BluntGutsNation

The last track Wake Up Fucked Up was off his free 4 track remix tape Trained By The Pain. His Mobb Deep remix Wrong Place is too ill. So grab it here and check that shit out!