Thursday, January 21, 2010

T5 Soul Sessions : First up (Prefuse 73)

The promotional giveaway (limited copies) from NYC clothing store/line Triple Five Soul. This is the first in the T5 Soul Sessions series. Scott Herren refers to his work on Volume 1 as "a small sample of what I go home and listen to. More than a traditional mixtape, I preferred to let the introspective side in and share the sounds that I play when I’m cooking dinner, just thinking, or not sitting behind an MPC and various instruments for 12 hours!"

Prefuse 73 - 07 - [unknown] by BluntGutsNation

Prefuse 73 - 18 - [unknown] by BluntGutsNation

Unfortunately, at Herren's personal request, he will not release any information regarding the artists or track information from this compilation. This collection contains random Latin American tracks of different styles with few, new original material by Prefuse 73 in the mix.
Stay tuned for later episodes in the series !
Epic !!!