Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spectrum 2.0

BGN is proud to present friend and Savannah native Brittany Bosco.

"Almost without warning unheard and unseen, Brittany Bosco has created a growing revolution amongst her peers and her contemporaries in Atlanta’s growing, cultural music scene. The Savannah native took the reigns of the pulse coursing through the veins of underground music with her release of the The Spectrum EP in 2008, and has continued to ride this pulse, making it’s vibrations and sound audible to those in the mainstream industry. The recent release of her debut video, “Blues for Blue/Black & White” , as well as a string of performances on both coasts, displays Bosco’s ability to captivate audiences and break boundaries of age, genre, sex, and race. "

City of Nowhere - Brittany Bosco - Spectrum 2.0 by BluntGutsNation

You can dwnld Brittany's amazing album "Spectrum 2.0" for free here !