Saturday, February 20, 2010

Undaground Tha Illest - "Soon is So Far Away" ! BLUNT GUTS EXCLUSIVE !!!

Undaground Tha Illest aka "Unda" is a producer/rapper/sound designer and 1/3 of Blunt Guts Nation from Bangkok, Thailand. He began battling around Bangkok, doing shows at clubs and bars around the city. At 17, he released a self produced, recorded, and engineered album titled, “Rappin Unda Tha Influence”. The success of the backpack sold album lead to his first public appearance with the Thai pop star Lydia on the song "Ter Som Kuan Don", being featured on her debut album titled, "Lydia". Since then your boy has joined the Blunt Guts crew and has been destroying the new found scene in Savannah !

Unda - Supernova by BluntGutsNation

Unda - Strobelight Lovely by BluntGutsNation

Unda - Nappyness by BluntGutsNation

Unda - Get On My Level by BluntGutsNation

Unda - Listen by BluntGutsNation

Unda - High Times (Wrap) feat. Pancho Villa & Wallace Alamo by BluntGutsNation


1. Far Away (Dakotaa Speaks)
2. Supernova
3. Strobelight Lovely
4. Motown '75
5. Sunday Morning Grits
6. Listen
7. A Genie's Last Wish
8. Nappyness
9. Pink Popsicle Interlude
10. High Times (Wrap) feat. Pancho Villa & Wallace Alamo
11. Insomniac Blunts
12. Bleeding Shadows
13. Get On My Level
14. Traveling
15. Bless

You can dwnld Unda's album "Soon is So Far Away" for free exclusively at Blunt Guts Nation !

Or you can support by purchasing on Band Camp for a measly 5 bucks !

Be aware the Bandcamp version features two more exclusive tracks !