Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seasons Change

"Nigel One has been extremely busy throughout the winter of 2010 to the present. Even with the full length release he did with fellow producer and label mate Peripheral(Coffee Sessions),his regular submissions to international beat crew Indigo Pyramid and his very busy dj schedule he managed to pop off this gem of an Ep. Look out for more from him and the whole Skew crew this summer. We are in there like swim wear trust that."

Pushing Through It - NigelOne by BluntGutsNation

Download Nigel One's Seasons Change and other goodies here !

What an appropriate release as we make the transition into spring

Free Gucci Mane !

Hey a double meaning ! Free Gucci Mane remixes and free Gucci Mane from prison. I know Gucci could appreciate this because he 's all about double meanings and rhyming the same word over again... Not the biggest Gucci fan but he can sure get a party started, and these remixes are straight flames. Drop DZ's "I Be Everywhere" Remix during your next set and witness necks shatter.

I Be Everywhere (DZ Remix) - Gucci Mane by BluntGutsNation

Stoopid (HT Remix) - Gucci Mane by BluntGutsNation

Photoshoot - Gucci Mane (Flying Lotus remix) by BluntGutsNation

Gucci !

TLO - Rough Waters

My man Unda got handed this disc up in Toronto a few weeks back. I can recall waking up many mornings after a night of partying with upwards of six cds in my pockets, handed to me by various people through out the night. I typically try to give all these tapes a listen just because I don't want to miss anything. Unfortunately, I usually end up disappointed. Mostly come across drug raps over industry beats...a couple gems here and there...however this could just be a trend in the South. TLO's "Rough Waters" is the exception. Some sample heavy dj Krush/Shadow going on here. Alot of funky shit on this bitch so don't sleep !

Anastasia - TLO by BluntGutsNation

TLO - Rough Waters

Kankick Remixes

Kankick with the rawness !

Masta Ace Remix - Kankick by BluntGutsNation

Mobb Deep Remix - Kankick by BluntGutsNation

Kankick Remixes

DJ Criminal - Visa Run

Longtime friend, DJ, & fellow artist in the underground Thailand hip hop scene, DJ Criminal releases his new mix, "Visa Run". I first heard about DJ Criminal a few years back when we featured on the same Thai mixtape, and heard his track "Bangkok Graff Run". A DJ true to the art of turntablism, DJ Criminal has been spinning his mixes of psych rock blended with old school boom bap all around the world. He has elements of DJ Shadow & RJD2, just a bit more...raw.

Check out DJ Criminal's "Visa Run" mix for free here: - Click on the cover art to download the mix.

MySpace -

Check out for more DJs in Phuket, Thailand and as well as another mix from DJ Criminal. Big, big, shout out to you all, see you back @ home soon!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The Clonious drops a heavy, heavy, heavy mix for BTS. Blast this shit! If you haven't bought The Colonious's "Between The Dots", what the fuck are you waiting for! GET DAT!

BTS Radio - The Clonious MyABC Mix


Just in case youve been sleeping... consider this your wake up call !

Get Dat !

<a href="">Beehive by footclan beats</a>

Promo #01

Frankstar's Jamaica Jet set remix is some of the illest dubstup I ever heard. Peep that shit and the rest of this tape !

Untitled #03 - FS Green by BluntGutsNation

PLEA - FS Green by BluntGutsNation

Peton - FS Green by BluntGutsNation

FS Green - Promo #01

Get it !

Friday, March 19, 2010


Last tuesday night Dam Funk rolled through Atlanta and put on one of the illest performances ive seen in a long time. The man was all over the place! DJin, Singing, Freestyling and tearin up MOTHER FUCKIN KEYTAR SOLOS!!! The shit was incredible. You cant miss his show if hes coming anywhere near your town! I put a little video together of the show, check out Dam performing On&On live on a keytar, too crazy.

Ken & Pancho

Bryan, Ken, Tyler, & Pancho


Ken, Blane, and JON SMASH!


Thursday, March 18, 2010


Jun Seba aka Nujabes, was a great Japanese producer/DJ, owner of Shibuya record stores and as well as the independent label Hydeout Productions. Nujabes was def. in his own lane of production mixing elements of hip hop and jazz, he also scored the anime Samurai Champloo. On Feb. 26th, 2010 Nujabes was involved in a fatal car accident, the funeral was private and the announcement of his death was released today.

R.I.P. to the great Nujabes, your soul will live on through the beats! If you don't know about Nujabes GET ON IT, NOW! He creates beautiful soundscapes, a truly unique artist. Nujabes will always remain as one of my favorite producers.

Here's a couple of my favorite joints from Nujabes, go and cop his Metaphorical Music & Modal Sound albums, as well as the Hydeout Production collections.

Peace & Love to the family & friends of Nujabes. Go to this link for a written statement from a fellow friend/rapper of Nujabes, Shing02 -

I just listened to Peaceland and I swear I almost lost it...this is too fucking sad...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Madlib - Beat Konducta in Africa

Madlib drops his "Beat Konducta in Africa" on March 23rd, 2010. Here are a couple tracks that were released to keep the people at ease until then.

Find out more info about Madlib's Medicine Show here, SUPPORT AND BUY IT WHEN IT DROPS!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sephirot BANGERS

The other day I saw we had message from this cat from Leeds/Bristol over in the UK. He included some of his tracks in the message and they were all fuckin bangers!! The mans name is Sephirot and hes got some serious fuckin talent. From ill dubstep to beautiful cosmic wonky ass beats this dude kills it all. You need to keep an eye on him cause he will undoubtably blow up. Dude has some dorian concept skills on those keys, too sick! Ever since he sent me this tape and those links hes been in constant rotation over here, SO BIG UPS SEPHIROT & PLANET TERROR RECORDS!! and good lookin out, ur music is fuckin BEAUTIFUL. Aurora is the illest beat ive heard in a minute son!

DWNLD his Synthaesthesia EP, shit is too nice. Art by Amy Harris

1. The Glass Bead Game (6:46)

2. Same Old Beat (3:32)

3. FlyButter feat. Hieronymous (9:26)

4. Aurora (3:10)

5. Synthaesthesia (6:57)

6. Kleinzeit (5:32)

Synthaesthesia by Sephirot
Same Ole Beat by Sephirot
Aurora by Sephirot

And dont forget to follow the mans soundcloud, he says busy makin FIRE! so check him out.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Alwagan 1

Infinite Potentails x Nigel One - alwagwan 1 by BluntGutsNation

The homies Nigel One & Infinite Potentials over at Indigo Pyramid blessed us with a free track !

Click the little black arrow and grab this heat !

Weirdo Remix Suite

Hollyweerd - MONOPOLY REMIX by BluntGutsNation

If you copped the ATL remixes from a while back I'm sure you remember the Hollyweerd remixes by DAM Funk & Astronote... Thus spawns the Weirdo Remix Suite.

Mo Heeters

More heeters from the genius that is Hudson Mo.

Hudson mo (12) by BluntGutsNation

Hudson mo (19) by BluntGutsNation

Mo Heeters

And if you haven't copped Butter yet you need HELP !

Los Angeles Outtakes

With the announcement of Flylo's new album "Cosmogramma" release, May 3rd can't come soon enough... Here are some outtakes from Los Angeles to hold yall over...

Flying Lotus - Code of Ethnics by BluntGutsNation

Flying Lotus - Mister Murky Socks ALT. TAKE by BluntGutsNation

Flying lotus - Trapteez by BluntGutsNation

Flying Lotus - Los Angeles Outtakes



"21 tracks enough to keep you spinning? Coz it’s all about m o v e m e n t.
Some date to 06, some date to before I had a real microphone, some date to before Klipm0de, some date to before I knew that anyone actually cared. But somehow after each one, there was another one that followed. Some call that obsession, some say passion.
They’re yours now, so you decide. - FREE ANALOGUE."

- Suzi Analogue

YouTookMeForARide[1st Knxwledge Kollab] - Suzi Analogue by BluntGutsNation
Quick&Dirty - Suzi Analogue by BluntGutsNation
Pick It Up [vintage Knxwledge] - Suzi Analogue by BluntGutsNation

I fuckin love this girl!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Mayer Hawthorne Covers James Pants - Thin Moon

Over at the Stones Throw camp, label mates Mayer Hawthorne & James Pants are covering each others songs. The first cover is Mayer Hawthorne's take on James Pants song titled, "Thin Moon". Check below to hear the Hawthorne version and then the original James Pants version. Big ups to Stones Throw!

Download Mayer Hawthorne's cover of "Thin Moon" for FREE here:

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Cafe Del Unda - The Purple Lounge

My first trip to Thailand’s islands opened up a musical world for me that I didn’t know much about. The Downtempo/Chillout/Lo-Fi/Drum & Bass/Dub/House/Trip-Hop world. I’d never heard electronic music with such sonic depth. The beach is the perfect environment to get lost in the music. Chill abstract pads resemble clouds, while the groove comes in as steady as the waves crashing down. Ethereal voices pan from right to left mimicking the wind, the experience is quite psychedelic. This music sets me to an alleviated, heightened state of listening and happiness. My mind clears, embracing everything in the present state of now and all I see are shades of purple.

Yea…when I chill, I chill.

So I dedicate this mix to all things purple. The islands of Thailand, the full moon party, good friends, love, and being completely free…for at least a while.

It's a mix just under 50 minutes featuring deep house, lounge, drum n bass, and trip hop.


Shout out to Toffee & the Ting Tong family!

Introducing The Lordz of Dubtstep

My man Blind Prophet hit me up with his first offical release !

Good lookin out

You can cop "Lordz of Dubstep Volume 2 here !

Also be sure to follow your boy on soundcloud

Blind Prophet & Lowpass - Weightless Dub by Blind Prophet

Big ups homie and much love from the South !

DJ Manifest & 7D Present

The 0ffical Blackstar remix album

Next Universe - Blackstar (produced by 7d for lion arts) by BluntGutsNation

DJ Manifest & 7D - Blackstar remix album

Don't Sleep !

It's Rough Dog

I can't get enough of this lovely lady and niether can you !

No lay down - Suzi Analouge by BluntGutsNation

Suzi Analogue - It's Rough Dog

Get it !

Easy Like

Powell is back with some mo face melting bangers

Powell - Rambo Break by BluntGutsNation

Powell - Easy Like


Samiyam BrainBeats

Samiyam Brainbeats presented by Flying Lotus

Samiyam Brainbeat3 by BluntGutsNation
Get it !

Monday, March 01, 2010

Code Organ - Website Beats

Ever wonder what your website would electronically sound like?

Now you can with Code Organ, an online service that generates music out of the content of Web pages.

CodeOrgan analyzes the text of pages and turns it into music using an algorithm that determines the key, synth style and drum pattern.

I just tried Blunt Guts Nation and the result was fucking awesome. Try your website or any site at

Neurosonics Live!

I don't even know how to explain this video...just watch. ALL LIVE!

Neurosonics Live from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.