Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Cafe Del Unda - The Purple Lounge

My first trip to Thailand’s islands opened up a musical world for me that I didn’t know much about. The Downtempo/Chillout/Lo-Fi/Drum & Bass/Dub/House/Trip-Hop world. I’d never heard electronic music with such sonic depth. The beach is the perfect environment to get lost in the music. Chill abstract pads resemble clouds, while the groove comes in as steady as the waves crashing down. Ethereal voices pan from right to left mimicking the wind, the experience is quite psychedelic. This music sets me to an alleviated, heightened state of listening and happiness. My mind clears, embracing everything in the present state of now and all I see are shades of purple.

Yea…when I chill, I chill.

So I dedicate this mix to all things purple. The islands of Thailand, the full moon party, good friends, love, and being completely free…for at least a while.

It's a mix just under 50 minutes featuring deep house, lounge, drum n bass, and trip hop.


Shout out to Toffee & the Ting Tong family!