Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sephirot BANGERS

The other day I saw we had message from this cat from Leeds/Bristol over in the UK. He included some of his tracks in the message and they were all fuckin bangers!! The mans name is Sephirot and hes got some serious fuckin talent. From ill dubstep to beautiful cosmic wonky ass beats this dude kills it all. You need to keep an eye on him cause he will undoubtably blow up. Dude has some dorian concept skills on those keys, too sick! Ever since he sent me this tape and those links hes been in constant rotation over here, SO BIG UPS SEPHIROT & PLANET TERROR RECORDS!! and good lookin out, ur music is fuckin BEAUTIFUL. Aurora is the illest beat ive heard in a minute son!

DWNLD his Synthaesthesia EP, shit is too nice. Art by Amy Harris

1. The Glass Bead Game (6:46)

2. Same Old Beat (3:32)

3. FlyButter feat. Hieronymous (9:26)

4. Aurora (3:10)

5. Synthaesthesia (6:57)

6. Kleinzeit (5:32)

Synthaesthesia by Sephirot
Same Ole Beat by Sephirot
Aurora by Sephirot

And dont forget to follow the mans soundcloud, he says busy makin FIRE! so check him out. http://soundcloud.com/sephirot