Sunday, April 25, 2010

Undaground Tha Illest (aka Unda)- The Bathurst Winter Suite (Trailer)

Undaground Tha Illest - The Bathurst Winter Suite from Generation Me-X Entertainment TV on Vimeo.

"The Bathurst Winter Suite is an on going project that's been in progress since the first time I visited Toronto. The city is full of record stores, book stores, friendly people, and an amazing music scene. On each trip I would go to the dollar bin and collect whatever I could find (records, tapes, CDs) and take them back to the hostel or hotel I was staying at to create new beats. I've walked throughout the streets with a sound recorder capturing the ambiance of the city, as well as video taping the record digging hot spots.

Some tracks are sampled, most are 100% original. Everytime I've been to T-Dot I've stayed on Bathurst Street, and for the majority, its been in the winter...brutal Canadian winters at that. I've only worked on these tracks while I was on Bathurst Street, and I see no reason to work on them anywhere else. I don't think I would be able to capture the same essence and mood, and it just wouldn't feel right.

I know its SPRING TIME already, but in March I spent my Spring Break in Toronto and actually finished mixing a couple of tracks.

In the meantime, check out "The Bathurst Winter Suite" trailer which features 4 samples (unmixed) from the EP itself, and is all shot in Toronto. Including behind the scenes creation of the EP, Toronto's graff art, & much more."

"The Bathurst Winter Suite" will be released on Generation Me-X Entertainment. You can download the EP for FREE @ &

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Somewhere Else

10th Letter is 1/7 of Indigo Pyramid hailing form SC, United States. Even with the very recent release of Indigo Shades 10th letter managed to pop off this gem ! "Somewhere Else" is full of "cosmic necksnaps" and is avalable on Wigflip as a free download !

Oscillations Pt. 2

You heard part one... Now part two are you ready !? Oscillations is a FREE digital compilation presented by Jus Like Music and Apple Juice Break designed to help spread the word of amazing music by amazing artists from the genres of hip-hop, electronica, neo-soul, dubstep and anywhere in between ! Featuring 21 amazing tracks, including exclusive works by Slugabed, Alex B, Kidkanevil (feat. Oddisee), Suzi Analogue, 00Genesis and much more, part 2 is garunteed to turn more than a few heads.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wat up Dok !

We head back to The Netherlands for an ill beat tape from Dok for Slumgullion Music. Don't sleep on these people !

Dok for Slumgullion Music - Taste! - Track08 by BluntGutsNation

Dok for Slumgullion Music - Taste! - Track20 by BluntGutsNation

Taste! - Dok for Slumgullion Music

Try bumpin this tape without reachin for a Mountain Dew ! I dare you !

Freaking On Sunshine - 1970s Psych Folk Hippie Jazz

Got this over @ the Ile Oxumare blog, and was really diggin' it so it's only right to spread the word. ALL of these tracks stay on my mp3 player. Loop diggers & groove lovers alike don't sleep on this awesome compilation! Here's an excerpt of the description from Ile Oxumare:

"This compilation, "Freaking On Sunshine" is made up of music from the age of the free-thinking musician, the cusp of the 1970s. I list "psyche folk and hippie jazz" on the cover, but it's so much more: there's tastes of r&b and soul and latin. You got zithers playing with conga drums, off-center vocal harmonies with funky drummer beats, elaborate horn arrangements and wicked fender rhodes grooves. Most of its American, but there's some European folks on here too. Sadly, the common ground is that most of these musicians are not household names."

Sounds delicious just reading it out aloud.

1 Mr. Man, Air featuring Googie Coppola, 1969
2 Cherrystones, Eugene McDaniels, 1970
3 Thinkin', Compost, 1972
4 Searching the Circle, Barbara & Ernie, 1971
5 Measure for Measure, The Alexander Review, 1975
6 Hey, Love, The New Rotary Connection, 1971
7 The Blessing Song, Michael White, 1972
8 The Sybil, The Fourth Way, 1969
9 Child of the Universe, Lynn Blessing, 1969
10 Willow And Rue, Albert Mangelsdorff with Colin Wilkie and Shirley Hart, 1969
11 River, Universal Jones (Eugene McDaniels), 1972
12 Wings of a Horse, Ellen McIlwaine, 1972
13 Eternal Life, Shira Small, 1974
14 Love, Sweet Like Sugar Cane, Big Black, 1968
15 Just Follow Me, the Carolyn Hester Coalition, 1969
16 Do You know, Barbara & Ernie, 1971
17 Come Together, Peter Bursch und due Broselmachine, 1975

Peace to Ile Oxumare & check out his blog for more tunes!

Ile Oxumare presents Freaking On Sunshine - 1970s Psych Folk Hippie Jazz

Lloyd Miller - Gol e Gandom

A couple months ago I was digging @ a record store in Toronto when I came across American jazz musician Dr. Lloyd Miller. I picked up his album, "A Lifetime In Oriental Jazz". I've heard plenty of Middle Eastern jazz records, but this one particularly stuck out in my mind. The man is a beast - native in English but is also fluent in Persian, Dari, and French. He received his doctorate degree in ethno-musicology from the University of Utah, wrote his thesis on "Music & Song in Persia" and also lived 7 years in Tehran, Iran. Miller was trained under Iranian jazz masters Dr. Daryush Safvat and Mahmoud Karimi. He even had his own prime time network jazz show in Tehran.

To all the jazz heads out there, DON'T SLEEP! Here's a video of a song from Lloyd Miller's album "A Lifetime in Oriental Jazz" titled "Gold e Gandom".

Too ill.

Download "Gol e Gandom":

Buy "A Lifetime in Oriental Jazz" Here:

Dam Funk - Paradise

New unmixed, unreleased FREE track from Dam-Funk titled "Paradise". This track is 17:48 long, and recorded to cassette!

Wrd Funk.

Dam Funk - Paradise

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I heard about this cat back when Error Broadcast dropped that Bag of Nothingness joint and it blew my mind, his beats are so BEAUTIFUL
anyway download his Daybreak, Retrace album and LIGHT ONE UP! cause these are some chill beats. Just visit the mans Bandcamp and check out all 20 tracks before you buy it. ITS ONLY 5 BUCKS SO SHOW SOME LOVE!

Voice Into Love - Katrah-Quey by BluntGutsNation

Undercurrent Breeze - Katrah-Quey by BluntGutsNation

and DWNLD this 26 track beat tape entitled Radio Tag FO FREE

Crayons - Katrah-Quey by BluntGutsNation
First Kiss At 13 - Katrah-Quey by BluntGutsNation
Spring Spree - Katrah-Quey by BluntGutsNation

Dirty Digi 12'

Gpek hit us up with his newest release !

Take Me With You - gpek by BluntGutsNation

Some ill MPC neck snappers...

Peep your boy's bandcamp and download Dirty Digi for free !

Statik Tones

Hayzee with the bangers that'll misplace your vertebrae !

Drop contest mix - Hayzee by BluntGutsNation

Eatly Theme Remix - Hayzee by BluntGutsNation

Arabumonaay - Hayzee by BluntGutsNation

Hayzee - Statik Tones

Watch your face !

Friday, April 09, 2010

Indigo Shades

Indigo Pyramid's highly anticipated album "Indigo Shades" is finally here and available as a free download !!! Indigo Pyramid is an international band of nu-ground beatmakers specializing in hip hop, electro, soul, brokenbeat and nu jazz sounds. Indigo Pyramid members include Infinite Potentials, Billion Dollar Quartet, Shlohmo, 0., Elan, 10thLetter and Nigel One. Every member has a style of their own and each bring something unique to the table, giving Inigo Pyramid its original sound. Don't sleep on this one as "Indigo Shades" is sure to be a classic this year !

Get it here !

And prepare for a journey...

Asado by Flako

Been bumpin this for a minute....

Lotta exclusives do not sleep !

Monday, April 05, 2010

Higher Vibrations

Bubblin Hot - Leonard Dstroy by BluntGutsNation

Mojave - Leonard Dstroy by BluntGutsNation

One 2 - Leonard Dstroy by BluntGutsNation

Leonard Dstroy blessed us with 15 tracks of "Higher Vibrations". Dstroy out did himself this time, the whole album is bangers from start to finish so I suggest you don't sleep !

Download Leonard Dstroy's "Higher Vibrations" at his bandcamp for free !

Stay up !

Oscillations pt. 1

The good people at Jus Like Music and Apple Juice Break put us on to their latest project Oscillations ! Good Looks ! Oscillations is a digital compilation jampacked with 20 tracks designed to help spread the word of amazing music by amazing artists from the genres of hip-hop, electronica, neo-soul, dubstep and anywhere in between !

Lunice - Perpetual Leisure by BluntGutsNation

Bluntspeakers - 1000 Miles by BluntGutsNation


01. Broken Haze - Block
02. Om Unit - Neptune
03. Chairman Kato - No Coincidence
04. Vital - Gaffer Tape
05. T.Hemingway - Dirty
06. le N?KO - Crushed Universes
07. Decepticon Bootleg Machine - Orbit162
08. Lunice - Perpetual Leisure
09. Invisible Inc - Paradise
10. Paper Tiger - Good Feelings feat. Sabira Jade
11. Ocuban - Favela feat. Kit
12. Cohoba - Caltri
13. Dza - Shifty
14. East Winston Lake - Indigo's Wah Wah (prod. Akello Light)
15. Grillo - Fronting The Weekend
16. Bluntspeakers - 1000 Miles
17. Sampology - Mamaye
18. Dipak Chand - Nurse, Hello
19. BUG - Indica
20. Jesse Futerman - I Love You So

You can vist the Bandcamp page for a free download !

Keep an eye for part two featuring tracks from artists such as Slugabed, Blue Daisy, Mr Beatnick, Alex B, 00Genesis, Kidkanevil, Oddisee, Greymatter, Ghost and Suzi Analogue !

Bleep Blorp Remixes

If you've been sleepin on your boy you need to wake the fuck up ! Peep his blog too he has mad tapes for download !

Constrobuz - Do The Ricky Bobby Remix by BluntGutsNation

Constrobuz - Ay Bay Bay Remix by BluntGutsNation

Constrobuz - Stanky Legg Remix by BluntGutsNation

1. Constrobuz - Hustlin' Remix (4:08)
2. Constrobuz - Dey Know Remix (3:39)
3. Constrobuz - Stoopid Remix (4:21)
4. Constrobuz - Do The Ricky Bobby Remix (3:31)
5. Constrobuz - Ay Bay Bay Remix (4:34)
6. Constrobuz - Pillz Remix (5:20)
7. Constrobuz - Stanky Legg Remix (4:12)
8. Constrobuz - Dope Boy Knot Remix (3:15)
9. Constrobuz - Pop Bottles Remix (3:50)
10. Constrobuz - Lean Wit It Rock Wit It (4:12)

Constrobuz - Bleep Blorp Remixes

and if you dont appreciate the artistic vision of the great gucci mane or shawty lo then download the instrumentals:

Copy and paste the links dummy !

Hi tek - Beats & Grooves

Hi-tek - Beats And Grooves 06 by BluntGutsNation

Some throwback blackstar basement beats...

Pre - illmatic

Nas - life's like a dice game by BluntGutsNation


DROPP (Remixes)

More heat from the all mighty Netherlands. Don't sleep on this one people !

Hayzee - arabumonaay (dyno remix) by BluntGutsNation

comfort fit - false awakening (killing skills remix) by BluntGutsNation

jls - majestic (hayzee ft. siroj crackmix) by BluntGutsNation

Bang it out !