Sunday, April 11, 2010

Freaking On Sunshine - 1970s Psych Folk Hippie Jazz

Got this over @ the Ile Oxumare blog, and was really diggin' it so it's only right to spread the word. ALL of these tracks stay on my mp3 player. Loop diggers & groove lovers alike don't sleep on this awesome compilation! Here's an excerpt of the description from Ile Oxumare:

"This compilation, "Freaking On Sunshine" is made up of music from the age of the free-thinking musician, the cusp of the 1970s. I list "psyche folk and hippie jazz" on the cover, but it's so much more: there's tastes of r&b and soul and latin. You got zithers playing with conga drums, off-center vocal harmonies with funky drummer beats, elaborate horn arrangements and wicked fender rhodes grooves. Most of its American, but there's some European folks on here too. Sadly, the common ground is that most of these musicians are not household names."

Sounds delicious just reading it out aloud.

1 Mr. Man, Air featuring Googie Coppola, 1969
2 Cherrystones, Eugene McDaniels, 1970
3 Thinkin', Compost, 1972
4 Searching the Circle, Barbara & Ernie, 1971
5 Measure for Measure, The Alexander Review, 1975
6 Hey, Love, The New Rotary Connection, 1971
7 The Blessing Song, Michael White, 1972
8 The Sybil, The Fourth Way, 1969
9 Child of the Universe, Lynn Blessing, 1969
10 Willow And Rue, Albert Mangelsdorff with Colin Wilkie and Shirley Hart, 1969
11 River, Universal Jones (Eugene McDaniels), 1972
12 Wings of a Horse, Ellen McIlwaine, 1972
13 Eternal Life, Shira Small, 1974
14 Love, Sweet Like Sugar Cane, Big Black, 1968
15 Just Follow Me, the Carolyn Hester Coalition, 1969
16 Do You know, Barbara & Ernie, 1971
17 Come Together, Peter Bursch und due Broselmachine, 1975

Peace to Ile Oxumare & check out his blog for more tunes!

Ile Oxumare presents Freaking On Sunshine - 1970s Psych Folk Hippie Jazz