Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lloyd Miller - Gol e Gandom

A couple months ago I was digging @ a record store in Toronto when I came across American jazz musician Dr. Lloyd Miller. I picked up his album, "A Lifetime In Oriental Jazz". I've heard plenty of Middle Eastern jazz records, but this one particularly stuck out in my mind. The man is a beast - native in English but is also fluent in Persian, Dari, and French. He received his doctorate degree in ethno-musicology from the University of Utah, wrote his thesis on "Music & Song in Persia" and also lived 7 years in Tehran, Iran. Miller was trained under Iranian jazz masters Dr. Daryush Safvat and Mahmoud Karimi. He even had his own prime time network jazz show in Tehran.

To all the jazz heads out there, DON'T SLEEP! Here's a video of a song from Lloyd Miller's album "A Lifetime in Oriental Jazz" titled "Gold e Gandom".

Too ill.

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