Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Corridors Of My Mind

"The concept is to view the human mind as a hallway or corridor and each room or area has a certain feeling, emotion, or vibe. The rooms can either give off a very strong emotion, or can be a mixture of several. The instrumentals are used to score that mood that the emotion gives off. (As it pertains to me). Just like how certain images or songs bring back memories I tried to do the same for myself to let you learn more about Abnormal You are basically walking through the corridors of my mind with the instrumental showing every little detail."


Abnormal - Mass–energy Equivalence by BluntGutsNation

Abnormal - PsYcHaDILLA by BluntGutsNation

Monday, June 28, 2010

Elaquent - Persona

Elaquent's new album Persona is available on your choice of Bandcamp & Itunes !

You can thank Elaquent for all the free music he has given us over the years by purchasing Persona. I just copped my copy and can tell u first hand it's worth more than $10! Go get yours Nugga!

Also remember to peep your boy on souncloud !

Get U Some

We Did it' s eLan gettin crunk as fuck with a heavy heavy heavy heavy remix of Busta's "Get You Some"

Busta - Get You Some (eLan's remix) by eLan

U know the drill.... Turn this shit up in the red and visit buddy on soundcloud and show ur love

14kt - Sets

If you haven't heard of 14kt you need to get busy dumbass. Buddy's production is so solid! Dude is a baller he basically has two Eps on his soundcloud, most of which is avaliable as a dwnld!

Instrumentals by 14KT

Discography (14KT Production) by 14KT

Get to it !


Incrediblel remix of SV's 2U4U by genius Mndsgn

Mndsgn - Mikrowavey (TooYu4Yu) by BluntGutsNation

Turn this shit up in the RED and thank god for KLIPMODE !!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

On and On...

Dope remix of Badu's "On and On" by mrblazey

Mr. Blazey - On and on remix by BluntGutsNation

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


First Flowers

I've been listening to this cut every morning right when I wake up for weeks now...

First Flowers feat.Lisa Preston aka LP by NigelOne

It's by two of my favorite artists NigelOne and Lisa Preston aka LP

Two amazing musicians doin their damn thing ! You can dwnld by clicking the black arrow

Big ups to yall

Scion Sampler v. 30 SMOG

Believe it or not the Blunt Guts crew actually made it down to the Winter Music Conference in Miami. We steadily awaited for the date announcements of Hella International 2k10, but as time went by it became apparent that the event would not be taking place this year. Though disappointed we found another party at WMC that intrigued us. For the record you wouldn't catch me dead at Ultrafest, but the after party at Club Cinema was a different story. We were treated to an amazing line up of up and coming dubstep artists who rocked the joint until the sun came up. One of my favorite acts of the night was from our main man Juakali. The Blunt Guts crew had the pleasure of preforming with MNUVR and Juakli late last year. Check out the Smog Sampler v. 30 and keep an eye out for these cats in the future !

Reasons (Doctor P Remix) ft. Juakali by BluntGutsNation

Game Over (Distance Remix) by BluntGutsNation

Awkward Science

P Villa - Awkward Science

P Villa - Hailstorms by BluntGutsNation

First Stape

00Genesis - no shoes no trampoline by BluntGutsNation

Cupp Cave - quarzh by BluntGutsNation

Flying Lotus - Momma Dingo by BluntGutsNation

Ultra gully

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The NoSpace Sessions (Video)

Much love to those who came out! More photos of the NoSpace Sessions @

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beyond Jazz Podcast #381

Found this great jazz and soul podcast over @


Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – Antiquity (Live) – Mochilla (2010)
Archie Whitewater – Cross Country – Cadet Concept Records (1970)
Reverie – In Every Way – Luv N Haight Records (1980)
Azimuth – Linha Do Horizonte – Som Livre (1975)
Arthur Verocai – Na Boca do Sol (Live) – Mochilla (2010)
Donny Hathaway – Valdez In The Country – Atco Records (1978)
YNQ – I Am Singing – Stones Throw (2004)
Marlena Shaw – Woman Of The Ghetto – Cadet (1969)

Dee Edwards – Why Can’t There Be Love – Bump Shop (1972)
Esther Philips – Just Say Goodbye – Atlantic (1966)
Tammi Terell – All I Do Is Think About You – Tamla Motown (1966)
The Pharaohs – Freedom Road – Scarab Records (1972)
Amnesty – Everybody Who Wants To Be Free (Part 1) – Now Again (2006)
JR Bailey – Just me ‘n’ You – Soul Brother (1974)
Lee Fields – My World Is Empty Without You – Truth And Soul (2009)
Bill Withers – Let Me In Your Life – Sussex (1972)
Dionne Warwick – You’re Gonna Need Me – Warner Bors (1973)

Darondo – Didn’t I – Luv N Haight (1973)
Eddie Kendricks – My People … Hold On – Motown (1972)
Marva Josie – He Does It Better – Thimble (1973)
Gil Scott – Jazz (Interlude) – XL Recordings (2010)
Mary Lou Williams – Miss DD – SABA (1963)
Jose James & Jef Neve – For All We Know – Verve (2010)
Nina Simone – I Loves You Porgy – Doxy Music (1957)
Billy Holiday – Ill Wind – Verve Recordings (1959)

Moe Koffman – Days Gone By (Egyptology) – Grt (1978)
Sun Ra – Excerpt from Space Is The Place DVD (John Coney) (1974)
Edward Larry Gordon – All Pervading – SWN (1978)
Travis Biggs – Tibetan Serenity – Source Records Inc (1979)
Paris Smith – Pentatonia – Soul Jazz Records (1970)
Build An Ark – Tryin Times – Kindred Spirits (2010)
The Phil Hewitt Quintet – I’m Wondering – Now Again (1969)

Slum Village "Villa Manifesto" - In The Lab Pt. 2

A Dilla beat that no one has ever heard?! Say WORD.

Cop "Villa Manifesto" on July 27th. S-V!!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Sessions Vol. 1 mixed by DJ EADE

Ive known DJ Eade for a longgggg time, shit back to the middle school days even, but I havent seen the dude in a couple of years. Anyway he sent me this mix he put together to kick off the summer right with some ill bangers. This mix is sick as fuck, its chocked full of smooth tracks and a couple of throwbacks to reminisce and shittttt. Its perfect for summer crusin and dutch smokin mayneeeeee. And the man was gracious enough to provide a tracklist, fuck yessss. BIG UPS DJ EADE!
Grab this ill mix and get them summer vibes goin BUHHH! Just click the little black arrow to DWNLD.

Summer Sessions Volume 1 by DJ Eade
And you can also grab the zip of the mix which includes the cover art/tracklist right herrr

and dont forget to check out the mans soundcloud

Thursday, June 10, 2010

AL_PD Bringin Some Serious Heat

AL_PD of the FootClan crew just sent us his bangin new EP. This shit is unbelievable! These beats are so wonky and beautiful it blew my head! Seriously this tape is a must have, its incredible. You can DWNLD this 8-Track beat tape FREE from AL_PD's bandcamp and BREAK YOUR FUCKIN NECK TO THESE ILL BEATS!!!!

Fuck you by AL_PD

Hammock by AL_PD

And dont forget to show some love to the FootClan crew mayneeeeeeeee

Unda - The NoSpace Sessions @ NoSpace Art Gallery - June 12th 2010

For heads in Bangkok, Thailand come out and rock Saturday night with us @ The NoSpace Art Gallery for The NoSpace Sessions. A collaborative show of Live beats, live drums, and live MCs. Our rehearsals have been INSANE and we plan on breaking necks! Saturday June 12th, 2010. FREE SHOW!!!!! Don't miss it!

More info here: The NoSpace Sessions

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Niteffect BeatTape

Check out this old beattape entitled Fragments by Niteffect. You might remember him from the Bag of Nothingness joint that Error Broadcast dropped a while back. Anyway this dude has mad diverse beats, he jumps around from ambient boom bap type shit to chill Nu Jazz and Trip Hop vibes.

Niteffect - Topless in China Town by BluntGutsNation

DWNLD the 12 track beat tape here

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Comfort Fit Forget & Remember

DWNLD this old Comfort Fit Beat tape called Forget&Remember
20 Ill Beats

Comfort Fit- Thursday is Thursty by BluntGutsNation

Comfort Fit- Miles of Smiles by BluntGutsNation

Low End Theory Podcast: Gaslamp Killer & Lorn

The good peoples over @ Low End Theory drop their 15th podcast with Mixes by Gaslamp Killer & Lorn. GRAB THIS SHIT & CHECK OUT The TRAILER FOR THE LOW END THEORY DOCUMENTARY

DWNLD the podcast here