Friday, July 30, 2010

Attention Toronto Producers!

The deadline to submit your beats for round 3 of the Sound Battle Royal is August 3, 2010 THIS COMING TUESDAY. This shit looks like its gonna be nuts! So dont miss out on some incredible live beat creation and a chance to win $1500 !

Round 1 & 2 are already in the bag so if ur in T DOT hit this shit uppppppp

"Think you got that heat? Then follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. Fill out the form on the website

3. Submit 2 beats

4. Include a bio

What Happens Next?
Your submission will go to our judges panel, who will choose the top 8 finalists. Finalists will be contacted by the SBR team to get details about each round of the battle."


Monday, July 26, 2010


Just click the little black arrow to DWNLD the track boi
BrooklynZoo (Krts Residential RMX) by BluntGutsNation
and dnt forget to check out the mans bandcamp and DWNLD his tape Remixes for Beards and Flannels

Friday, July 23, 2010

El-P - Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3 Preview Trailer

Check out the preview trailer to El-P's new album, "Weareallgoingtoburninhell" dropping August 3rd. The beats KNOCK. FIX YOUR FACE!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mayer Hawthorne - Your Easy Lovin' Ain't Pleasin' Nothin'

New music video from Mayer Hawthorne! From his album "Strange Arrangement". Pool Party! And what would a pool party be without girls...lots of them. With booty.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cascade Podcast #4 Ft. AL_PD

Heavy, heavy mix from AL_PD for Cascade Records in France.

PODCAST 04 by AL_PD by cascaderecords

Click the little black arrow to grab dis heat! Also click here for the exclusive interview with AL_PD



Various Assets - Not For Sale - Red Bull Music Academy London 2010

Music and collaborations from the Red Bull Music Academy 2010 in London! Much love to Red Bull for supporting great music! Also, if you didn't know...RBMA 2011 is taking place in Tokyo, Japan!! Huge.

Various Assets - Not For Sale - Red Bull Music Academy London 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I remember hearing the track "Tsunami Sunray" on a mix by Front2Blaq and it is definitely a cut that has stayed with me. Don't sleep on this cat some heavy heavy stuff in here !

AshTreJinkins - TsunamiSunray by BluntGutsNation

AshTreJenkins - OptimisticDeadline by BluntGutsNation

Open The Cut

New Ep from Blind Prophet featuring an incredible remix by Vishnu

Open The Cut EP by Blind Prophet

D.J. Rogers - Bail Out

fitzambro$e Remixe$

An underground flip on some mainstream shit

Ftzambr$e~guccilemminz by BluntGutsNation

Fitzambro$e~ciaraa by BluntGutsNation

RED (flashy lights)


WHYGEE-RED (flashylights) prod. by Nigel One by NigelOne

bit1 - 2010 EP #2 & #3

More lo-fi goodness !

bit1 - Make It Slow by BluntGutsNation

bit1 - Melt! - Flying Lotus (Bitflip) by BluntGutsNation

Beats & Breaks Trois

Mister Bibal - Beats & Breaks Trois

Mister Bibal - The Future by BluntGutsNation

Friday, July 16, 2010

EPMD LIVE @ Queensbridge Park

Just had the pleasure of seeing EPMD rock LIVE @ Queensbridge Park in Queens, NYC. Home to legendary rappers & producers such as Nas, Mobb Deep, & Marley Marl. It was incredible being in the exact spot that bred these artists whom changed the culture & world as we know it. We got a little lost getting to Queensbridge, but after hearing so many Nas & Mobb Deep songs we saw the street signs (Vernon Blvd), and the Queensbridge projects so we knew we were in the right place. EPMD are legends! The Green Eyed Bandit aka Eric Sermon has influenced producers around the world with his signature funky basslines dripping over thick drums, and is responsible for the production of some of the classic, Golden era hip hop (Redman, Def Squad, etc). Marley Marl, DJ Scratch, & Capone from CNN (Capone n Noriega) made a guest appearance also.

We got there a bit late, so I only was able to video tape a small portion of the end set. Eric Sermon & Capone themselves also shared some words of wisdom with Blunt Guts. Check out the video below.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reason 5 & Record 1.5 Update!!

Just received an email from Propellerhead. The official dates for Reason 5 & Record 1.5 are finally here! AUGUST 25th these two jawns are dropping, so be on the look out! For Reason & Record owners, you can update your software to these new versions. I'll be stuck in the house until December having fun with these. In the meantime, check out the newest drum addition to Reason 5: Kong Drum Designer. You have COMPLETE control, choosing from synth drums (for those low end 808 booms) and physical drums (you can even control the tone of your drum sticks...holy shit). Also the new NN-Nano sampler lets your layer multiple samples and control the velocity of each one while switching between them.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DJ Shadow - The 4 Track Era Bundle

In the late 1980s and early 90s, DJ Shadow put together a series of hip-hop mixes for Bay Area radio station KMEL (he was 19 years old). In this bundle there are the mixes for KMEL, remixes that DJ Shadow did, and original beats. Don't sleep on this heat!! Good old fashioned raw hip hop, Shadow style.

DJ Shadow - The 4 Track Era Bundle 1

DJ Shadow - The 4 Track Era Bundle 2 (Remixes & Megamixes)

DJ Shadow - The 4 Track Era Bundle (Shadow's Original Productions - RARE)

DJ Shadow - The 4 Track Era Bundle (Bonus Disc)

Old School Drop - AZ : Sugar Hill

"And plus just to visualize is like a coke rush/ vivid enough to make living this a must,'s reaaaaaaal"

Talking Sages

I was just lurkin' through Soundcloud the other day when I came across this hip hop / jazz / experimental band from the UK called Talking Sages. Whoa. These cats are HEAVY. Live instrumentation, ill rhymes. Reminded me of the Roots but more in the jazz end. Anyway, been chit-chattin' with these cats since I heard their stuff, check em out and you'll see what I'm talking about. Show ya luuuuuuh.

Talking Sages - Life is Sweet by Talking Sages

Talking Sages - Choices by Talking Sages

Talking Sages - What You're Told by Talking Sages

Interlude (instrumental) by Talking Sages

Black Spade feat. Simeon and Vic Spencer - I Heart

"i Heart" Black Spade from Drew Jordan on Vimeo.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Roots LIVE @ Prospect Park, Brooklyn New York

On Sunday June 11th, I had the privilege to see The Legendary Roots crew SHUT IT DOWN at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. The show started at 7:30 with Sahr Ngaujah (lead actor/singer of the Broadway show Fela!), and when we showed up at 8 at the entrance the police told everyone it was over capacity, it was too many people and they wouldn't let us in. Now I've been a huge fan of the Roots ever since I was living in New Jersey right across the bridge from Illadelph. These cats are living legends!! Over capacity?! Fuck that. We hopped the fence (ended up cutting my wrist and bleeding a little bit) and made our way to the middle of the crowd. This has to be the best performance I have ever seen, their stage presence, breath control, and energy is amazing. Black Thought is a lyrical machine when he spits, just when you think he's about to run out of breath he fires more ammunition to the crowd. Add that to the clarity of his vocals and you can't help but make the screwface in awe. Their tuba player, cleverly named Tuba Gooding Jr. was running on stage from left to right, jumping off speakers, and dancing while playing the tuba. Anyone who plays an instrument can tell you that you need to have good lungs and be in shape for that (consider the weight of a consider running and jumping with it while playing.) The genius that is ?uestlove was mind blowing and inspiring to finally see live, production wise he's one of my biggest influences. Just from listening to The Roots and reading his interviews I've gained knowledge on dynamics, mic techniques, and mixing tricks. I swear I broke my neck 5 times during the show. Anyway...I could go on for hours, but I video taped a couple of songs so check them out below. Excuse some of the shakiness and the camera going out of focus at some points, I was grooving and so were the people around me. Can you blame me?

Oh yea, the cat in the red fitted is Kweli! BK MC!

Special appearance from hip hop pioneers Nice & Smooth. FRESH!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Elaquent Interview

EQ threw this little interview vid up on facebooks earlier today, the shit is RAWWW its got some live footage of Elaquent rockin his SP404!!
Enjoy and show one of the hardest working producers in the game some LOVE
and dont forget to cop Persona its incredible

Dr. Who Dat's New LP

Dr. Who Dat aka Jnerio Jarel is droppin his new album Fauna soon so keep an eye out for this madness. Until then peep this promo video where Jnerio freestyles over his beat Wave Trip.

You can actually Pre-Order the LP on vinyl from the good people over @ RushHour

Thursday, July 08, 2010

R e l e a s e s

via Face Space- "Here's a page of all things I've evr released; categorized, + with working links. Some you may have, some you may not...but ALL you can get...and that's the beauty of life as we know it."

- Suzi Analogue

bit1 - 2010 EP #1

bit1 put me on to his new Ep and it's hotness! Something bout low bit rates is so calm and relaxing, and true heads know this beat shit wouldn't be the same without this concept. So spark one up and cool out to these lofi vibes!

bit1 - Bit Dream by BluntGutsNation

bit1 - Tibmac by BluntGutsNation

Keep your ears'll be hearin more from bit1 no doubt

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


As I'm engineering a session in the radio station, someone runs in and yells, "RAMMELLZEE IS DEAD!" Now to a lot of the world people may be asking, "what the fuck is that?" But in NYC and to the hip hop world this man is a legend / myth / intelligent alien being. Peep Rammellzee in the film "Wild Style" rocking the mic with a sawed off shotgun:

He has stated that his name is derived from RAM plus M for Magnitude, Sigma (Σ) the first summation operator, first L - longitude, second L - latitude, Z - z-bar, Σ, Σ - summation.

A friend of Jean-Michele Basquiat, Rammellzee made his most memorable (ten minute) 1983 song titled, "Beat Bop", which is stated to be hip hop's first experimental rap record (Basquiat was on the beat by the way). Rammellzee performed in self-designed masks and costumes of different characters which represented the "mathematical equation" that is Rammellzee. On the basis of his Gothic Futurism approach, he described his artistic work as the logical extension into a new phase which he calls Ikonoklast Panzerism. Go to his website Gothic Futurism and look at some of his formulas. It's indecipherable to everyone but himself.

He created a style and sub-genre that paved the way for artists such as Kool Keith, MF Doom, the Def Jux label, etc.

So pour some out and light one up for one of the founding fathers and pioneers.

How Rammellzee described his live performances - "You hit the bank, you rob the money, and you leave. No encores." Sound familiar?

Ras G - Pad Thai (no fish sauce please)

Peeped the new Dublab & VTech project: Thailand Field Report over at my man Kareem Hendrix's blog. Dublab traveled to Thailand to dig up Thai jazz, funk, disco, and the traditional Luk Thung. I went to check out more on the VTech site and stumbled upon a Ras G remix of one of the grooves they picked up in Thailand. Couldn't be more happier about this project, Thai music is very slept on, and being raised there and hearing this music 24/7 was a gift. Check out the low end heavy Ras-G remix! Shout out to Thailand! I miss you!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Konx-om-Pax + Hudson Mohawke = Melted Zone

Melted Zone from Konx-om-Pax on Vimeo.

James Pants - Driftwood

James Pants releases "Driftwood", a free song from his 6 track EP, "New Tropical".
James Pants - Driftwood by stonesthrow

Get Daaat Mane.

Blank and Kytt

I just came across this British duo earlier today on SoundCloud and GODDAMN these cats are on point! Anyway check out two of their neck snappin tracks and stop by their SoundCloud for more and show some love mayneeee
Come Get Some by Blank and Kytt
5AM by Blank and Kytt

14KT Breakin Necks @ SXSW

And check out the finals from this crazy beat battle..

Friday, July 02, 2010

Joe Kay (S O U L W I T H I N)

S O U L W I T H I N by joekay

Dope Selecta ! Acclaimed Dj Joe Kay Droppin some serious heat !!

Click the little black arrow to cop dis fire

Thursday, July 01, 2010

9 Planets : Sega Genesis 3 Oscillator Analog Synth Project

(Sega has 2 knob oscillators and 1 light sensitive oscillator, it also has 3 knobs that mix the 3 oscillators together. This shit is ILL. the photo cell is the little square above the sega logo. The red, yellow and blue buttons turn the oscillators on and off.)

9planets put me on to his Sega Genesis synth project on the face space. This shit is madness for real crazy circuit bending going on here.

9p also sent me a track produced on this beast! peep it here

9planets - Advanced Sampling Recorder by BluntGutsNation

Peep buddy on soundcloud for even more insanity !

Dudes video production is off the wall too he produced the DTCPU and Coatkatze video a few posts back straight MADNESS

Madlib makes a Crazy Brazilian Beat

Inner City Kids

More fire from 3L

3L - Inner City Kids by 3LLL

Bump it LOUD

Jay Scarlett & Onur Engin Present: Maverick Sessions Two

You heard volume one now cop volume two suckas !