Thursday, July 01, 2010

9 Planets : Sega Genesis 3 Oscillator Analog Synth Project

(Sega has 2 knob oscillators and 1 light sensitive oscillator, it also has 3 knobs that mix the 3 oscillators together. This shit is ILL. the photo cell is the little square above the sega logo. The red, yellow and blue buttons turn the oscillators on and off.)

9planets put me on to his Sega Genesis synth project on the face space. This shit is madness for real crazy circuit bending going on here.

9p also sent me a track produced on this beast! peep it here

9planets - Advanced Sampling Recorder by BluntGutsNation

Peep buddy on soundcloud for even more insanity !

Dudes video production is off the wall too he produced the DTCPU and Coatkatze video a few posts back straight MADNESS