Monday, September 27, 2010

mymanhenri mix for All City Podcast

92bpm's mymanhenri is a beast!!!! Check out this incredible mix for the All City Podcast series entitled KALEIDOSCOPIC. Click the little arrow to DWNLD
All City Podcast - Kaleidoscopia w/ mymanhenri 92bpm by allcitydublin


1. k (break) - Metallica
2. Begin End Begin (TaKe's retrospect rmx) - TaKe
3. YESterday - RLP
4. Bubblin Hot - Leornard Dstroy
5. Nothing Is Always Something.
6. Meleportation - Ultragamma
7. Goodnight - Elaquent
8. Black Crayon (break) - Ana Caravelle
9. Triceratopless - heRobust
10. Dance Brace - Letherette
11. Punta Skala - Don Leisure
12. Lady Linda (Devonwho Edit)
13. L.I.A.B. - Onra
14. Samolero - Sunclef
15. Neighborhood Watch - Dibia$e
16. Still Love (Blue Daisy rmx) - Pollyn
17. Ancestors (Dreamtime Mark Pritchard rmx) - Gonjasufi
18. Double Fifths - Teebs
19. Mi Viejo - Ratatat
20. Waters Of Duality - Monopoly
21. xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx - xxxxxx xxxxxx
22. The things you left - Flying Lotus
23. Before We Talked - Gold Panda
24. Tinitus - Comfort Fit
25. Sun - Caribou
26. Sun (break) - Caribou

Stop by his blog and show some love to one of the hardest workin cats in the game and if youre ever in T Dot you gotta catch a show!!

Earl Sweatshirt - EARL

One of the rawest tracks I've heard / seen in a long time. DOPE

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dibiase "Skullcrack" from Alpha Pup on Vimeo.

Heavy !


KlipKast Numba Five///////////Mix by Mux Mool

Another incredible mix from the KlipKast Series with a guest mix from Ghostly International's Mux Mool ALL ORIGINAL BANGERS SO GET IT!
1. Secret of Mana (Mux Mool remix)
2. Brothers (Mux Mool)
3. Untitled (Mux Mool)
4. Beat 30 (Mux Mool)
5. Beck Loop
6. Untitled (Mux Mool)
7. Instrumental 6 (Pete Rock)
8. Black Helicopters instrumental (Necro)
9. Track #5 (King Karnov Famfeud)
10. Cicada (Mux Mool)
11. Memories (Charles Trees)
12. Ganon (Mux Mool)
13. I Can’t Draw (Mux Mool)
14. The Outside (Eliot Lipp Mux Mool Remix)

Big ups to Mux Mool and the KlipModeKrew

Monday, September 13, 2010


Ohbliv - Learnit by BluntGutsNation

Ohbliv - Who run it by BluntGutsNation

Ohbliv - Weed by BluntGutsNation

Download Ohbliv's album "EZwidas" for free here

Cascade Records mix #11

CR PODCAST 11 Front2blaq - MYPASTGOESFORWARD- 092010 by cascade records

Heavy mix from Front2blaq featured as the 11th mix of the Cascade Records mix series. Visit for more. Artwork by 96

Ampex Frequency

BMOODY - northwood by BluntGutsNation

MOODYMATIC - Bobby Rogers (BMOODY rmx) by BluntGutsNation

Dan Matic - Space Speech by BluntGutsNation


Download for free at their bandcamp


NegroSaki - Summer Madness Yeah by BluntGutsNation

NegroSaki - Stank Breff by BluntGutsNation

NegroSaki - Pinched Nerve by BluntGutsNation

Download Negrosaki's "Short Bump Series" here

The Shaker

DTCPU & Filthy Ingredients are "THE SHAKER"

DTCPU & Filthy Ingredients - THE SHAKER by BluntGutsNation

Download @ their bandcamp


slapshot (from Damfunk's Future of Modern Funk Mix for MAH) by devonwho

Dev put up his track "slapshot" for free download. Get it while you can! This track was featured in DAMfunk's Future of Modern Funk mix. You can cop that here

Repression x Happy Accidents

dranaL - fmL - (frankly Moving Longitude) by BluntGutsNation

dranaL - Untampered With by BluntGutsNation

dranaL - Repression by BluntGutsNation

Cop these gems at dranaL's bandcamp


Free download for a limited time here

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A N.I.Q. JOINT///////////Mint Milk

I cant stop playin this track its just too raw! Flippin some suite for ma dukes WHAT! anyway DWNLD this jawn and show A N.I.Q. JOINT some love

Mint Milk by A N.I.Q. JOINT

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble "Drips/Take Notice" feat Flying Lotus


Recorded live in Los Angeles at Grand Performances, California Plaza July 23, 2010.

Produced by:
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

Co-Produced by:
Andrew Lojero

Recording Engineer:
Benjamin Tierney

MIxed by:
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Benjamin Tierney

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble:
Flying Lotus (laptop)
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (violin, arrangement)
Evan Francis (flute)
Dontae Winslow (trumpet)
Joey Dosik (alto sax)
Kamasi Washington (tenor sax)
Garrett Smith (trombone)
Rebekah Raff (harp)
Marcel Camargo (guitar)
Brandon Coleman (keys)
Stephen 'Thundercat' Bruner (bass)
Chris 'Daddy' Dave (drums)
Nikki Campbell (percussion)

Directed and Edited by:
Greg Ponstingl

Camera Crew:
Alex Meader
Conner Hair
Grace Oh
Greg Ponstingl
Theo Jemison
Todd Mazer

Azul Amaral
Mike Park

Red I Beat Tapes

Two mixes of original beats from Manila's DJ Red I. Neck snappin joints. Grab em below and show love to B-Side in The Philippines.

Red-i beat tape vol.1 by redisound

Red-i Beat tape vol.2 by redisound

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Unda Performing A Live Beat !!!BLUNT GUTS!!!!

A live, on the spot beat I did in Toronto, Canada part of the Sound Battle Royale. In the first challenge we were told to sample and flip the classic "Synthetic Substitution" by Melvin Bliss. We had two minutes to create a new beat in front of the crowd.

Heres the original song:

!!!!!!! BLUNT GUTS!!!!!!!