Saturday, December 25, 2010


Best wishes from ATL, JAWJA

The Me - X Factor

Unda (aka Undaground Tha Illest) drops a hot new release before the new year! Unda takes you on a trip through rhythm and rhymes with some full circle music. If you thought your boy was sick with the production, wait til you hear Unda murdering his own beats with some ill spit, on the banger like "Blow the Speakers Up" to the intoxicating sounds of "My Hands Look Weird". To the sensual rhythms of "Heart Beat" and the seductive sounds of "Cleopatra" featuring the beautiful Jazz Rich, the album features tracks to blow smoke to as well as cuts to lay your girl down by the fire

Merry XXX- MAS

Unda - Heart Beat by BluntGutsNation

Unda - Blow The Speakers Up by BluntGutsNation

Unda - Cleopatra ft. Jazz Rich by BluntGutsNation

Unda - My Hands Look Weird Final ft. Mike the Cosmonaut by BluntGutsNation

Unda - Hot Box Cafe {Undalude} by BluntGutsNation

Unda - When She Stays (Insturmental) by BluntGutsNation

"Who said producers ain't supposed to rap?" - J Dilla

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Cascade Records Podcast 24////Love Exposure

Dope mix by our boi Ackryte! just click the little black arrow to dwnld
CR PODCAST 24 -Love Exposure- Preview Album by Ackryte° Broke° Repeat Pattern° by cascade records

01.Yojimbo: Sanjuro's Theme - Masaru Sato
02.Spartacus Swing - Ackryte
03.Bus Ride - Repeat Pattern
04.Hikikomori - Ackryte
05.Smoke Rings - Ackryte
06.Always Behind - Repeat Pattern & Broke (vox)
07.The Chute Didn't Open - Repeat Pattern
08.Light - Ackryte
09.40s With Ghost – Broke
10.Dragon Chase - Ackryte
11.Fun and Games - Repeat Pattern & Broke (vox)
12.Tokin' Lost World - Ackryte
13.Sumtime - Ackryte
14.3 Tacos And A Coke On A Rainy Day - Repeat Pattern
15.Remember Me - Repeat Pattern
16.Luv Jawn - Ackryte
17.Just Us - Repeat Pattern
18.Treasure - Ackryte
19.Play The Guitar - Repeat Pattern
20.On Roller Skates - Repeat Pattern
21.Mint Chocolate Chip - Repeat Pattern
22.Ichatsuku - Repeat Pattern
23.Roy G. Biv - Ackryte & Repeat Pattern

Artwork by Low and Machak

Brought to you by the good people @ CASCADE RECORDS


Joe Kay - WAVlength

"Laid-Back (Brussels) has been one of the most inspiring internet movements, radio-show, blog, & online magazine within my life over the past few years. The content that they provide and the way they market their vision is quite impressive in my opinion. They also have their own 24/7 Radio Show that plays/provide the best urban music over the last 40 years available as an App for your Mac/PC/iPhone. Follow up over at:

Being able to contribute a personal mix is humbling for me and I hope you all enjoy my selections. The selections consist of all the material that I have received or dug for this past month.
Respect to you." --Joe Kay

Art Work by 96.

WAVlength by JOEKAY

01. MonkeyRobot - Oh My God
02. Dibiase - Alright
03. La Melodia - Unity (Instrumental)
04. Danny Brown - Generation Rx (14 KT)
05. Teebs - Personal Winter
06. S1 & Caleb - Every Girl Remake
07. Mar - 1st Session
08. Paddy Fred & LP - One
09. Kim Hill - Right Now (Presto Remix)
10. Tony Tritone - Lovin' You
11. Boonie Mayfield - It's Nothin'
12. AFTA-1 - LLA NO
13. Jesse Boykins III - Nectar
14. G Mo - Uh Oh
15. Tyler, The Creator - Odd Toddlers feat. Casey Veggies
16. Oddisse - Still Never Rains (Instrumental)
17. I-Tone - Space Pad
18. Tony Tritone - You're That Girl
19. Billy Palmier - My Soul feat. Leftooo
20. Mono/Poly - Slide Past
21. M Slago - Felicia
22. Arts The Beatdoctor - Split Personality
23. Comfort Fit & Jinna Morocha - The Moon Come Closer
24. SBTRKT/SAMPHA - Evening Glow
25. Earl Sweatshirt - Couch feat. Tyler, The Creator
26. Africa Hi-Tec - Too Late feat Rio
27. Jneiro Jarel - Twilight
28. Koen - 289
29. Eric Coleman - Islands


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

Unda x Blaksmith x Ralph Boston Jam Session :: Life Times Life

A jam session between producers Blaksmith, Ralph Boston, & myself. Unrehearsed live shit.

Unda : synth lead / flute

Blaksmith : guitar synth

Ralph Boston: drum pad

video edited by Yuma Watanabe of Life Times Life

download the mp3!!

Unda x Blak x Ralph - Jam Session - Flight of the Conchords by BluntGutsNation

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Cafe Del Unda - Cloudy Cuts

A new Cafe Del Unda radio show operating live at Art International Radio in Manhattan, NYC. Beats, jazz, soul, prog-rock, all-uh-dat. Light up a few dutches and blast it. Click the link to bump it.

Cafe Del Unda - Cloudy Cuts

Saturday, December 04, 2010

T. Hemingway////The Universia EP

Trey Hemingway is DOPE AS FUCK. I love his production skills they are so on point! This EP dropped a couple months back but it has some incredible bangers on it + the beautiful collaboration he did with Vida Jafari

The People by Vida Jafari
T.Hemingway - Running by BluntGutsNation


Friday, December 03, 2010

KlipKast # 10////Morpheground

a HEAVY HEAVY all original set by Italian producer Morpheground

Rebirth of a phoenix
Prepared 4 revolution
The Multiverse
Refinery mode
Precious illusions
War for peace
Wild (from Off D’Wrekkid Vol. 2)
Sun Red
Gnamakoudji On The Rocks
Take Flight
A Descoberta de água
The One

Much Respect to Morpheground & The Klipmode Krew!
Check out his bandcamp and show some loveeeeeeeee

Episodes LP////Klipmode

Mndsgn & Devonwho just dropped their INCREDIBLE 29 track LP entitled Episodes.
The tape is a compilation of each producers unheard gems from 2007 till the present, with the duo collaborating on the track She.raids

Every track on here is fucking FIRE! Big ups to Mndsgn, Devonwho and the whole KlipmodeKrew