Monday, December 13, 2010

Cascade Records Podcast 24////Love Exposure

Dope mix by our boi Ackryte! just click the little black arrow to dwnld
CR PODCAST 24 -Love Exposure- Preview Album by Ackryte° Broke° Repeat Pattern° by cascade records

01.Yojimbo: Sanjuro's Theme - Masaru Sato
02.Spartacus Swing - Ackryte
03.Bus Ride - Repeat Pattern
04.Hikikomori - Ackryte
05.Smoke Rings - Ackryte
06.Always Behind - Repeat Pattern & Broke (vox)
07.The Chute Didn't Open - Repeat Pattern
08.Light - Ackryte
09.40s With Ghost – Broke
10.Dragon Chase - Ackryte
11.Fun and Games - Repeat Pattern & Broke (vox)
12.Tokin' Lost World - Ackryte
13.Sumtime - Ackryte
14.3 Tacos And A Coke On A Rainy Day - Repeat Pattern
15.Remember Me - Repeat Pattern
16.Luv Jawn - Ackryte
17.Just Us - Repeat Pattern
18.Treasure - Ackryte
19.Play The Guitar - Repeat Pattern
20.On Roller Skates - Repeat Pattern
21.Mint Chocolate Chip - Repeat Pattern
22.Ichatsuku - Repeat Pattern
23.Roy G. Biv - Ackryte & Repeat Pattern

Artwork by Low and Machak

Brought to you by the good people @ CASCADE RECORDS