Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Me - X Factor

Unda (aka Undaground Tha Illest) drops a hot new release before the new year! Unda takes you on a trip through rhythm and rhymes with some full circle music. If you thought your boy was sick with the production, wait til you hear Unda murdering his own beats with some ill spit, on the banger like "Blow the Speakers Up" to the intoxicating sounds of "My Hands Look Weird". To the sensual rhythms of "Heart Beat" and the seductive sounds of "Cleopatra" featuring the beautiful Jazz Rich, the album features tracks to blow smoke to as well as cuts to lay your girl down by the fire

Merry XXX- MAS

Unda - Heart Beat by BluntGutsNation

Unda - Blow The Speakers Up by BluntGutsNation

Unda - Cleopatra ft. Jazz Rich by BluntGutsNation

Unda - My Hands Look Weird Final ft. Mike the Cosmonaut by BluntGutsNation

Unda - Hot Box Cafe {Undalude} by BluntGutsNation

Unda - When She Stays (Insturmental) by BluntGutsNation

"Who said producers ain't supposed to rap?" - J Dilla