Sunday, January 09, 2011

Prof.Logik leaks track from New Album Audible Palindrome

Born april 11th 1984 in Jamaica queens new york ,got my first set of turntables at the age of real heavy into the dj thing by age 11...done the talent show and party thing....shortly after i got myself a twin tape deck....and started to experiment with looping....saved up the dough and got my first sampler (boss sp-303)i still use it til this day...from that point in my life i knew i wanted to work with there u have it a luv for music and sound mixed with luv of the unexplained(occult & astronomy ) you get prof.logik

Nigel One met Prof.Logik one night after performing with 10th letter. Prf. and Nigel began speaking deeply about music and the lack of 'beat" music on the East Coast. Prf. gave Nigel One a mixtape he had made. He was instantly blown away and started sharing the sounds with his label mates @ skew records. Very soon after Andy Askew aka Moving Temple wanted to have Prof.logik on board with the Skew team. Since prof.logik has teamed up he has rocked several Skew sponsored events alongside Nigel One and finished his first full length entitled Audible Palindrome which will be dropping @ (1/18/11). For now enjoy this very fresh cut 'Shamans Daydream".

Proflogik - A shaman's DayDream by BluntGutsNation

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