Thursday, February 24, 2011


Had to call attention to this. Apparently they are playing bumps on the news in Oklahoma City during the 7 day forecast. So far tracks from AL_PD, Sir Froderick, Handbook and more. peep it

Pepper Marinade(all day) by []-[] i []_ []_

Let Me Stay by Handbook

Calidreams by AL_PD

143 by sIr fROderiCK

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shigeto (Full Circle Remixes E.P.)

"He world of Zach Saginaw’s Shigeto deepens with Full Circle Remixes, a 9-track EP of new and reinterpreted material from the Brooklyn-based artist’s 2010 debut full-length Full Circle. The package features an impressive international group of artists taking their tools to Shigeto’s originals including Dublin / NYC beatsmith Mike Slott (LuckyMe), LA’s Take (Alpha Pup), Brooklyn’s Mux Mool (Ghostly / Moodgadget) and London-based Om Unit. Many of the remixers here, including Brainfeeder’s Samiyam, hail from Saginaw’s (and Ghostly’s) home state of Michigan, bringing their Detroit / Ann Arbor pedigree to bear on Shigeto’s vividly textured beatscapes. The result is a vital exploration of Saginaw’s ever-growing catalogue as well as an essential companion to the artist’s multi-faceted Full Circle."

Full Circle Remixes E.P. by SHIGETO

SPECIAL CR PODCAST 32 ////Reliques Snippet EP////AL_PD

RELIQUES by AL_PD COMING OUT FEBRUARY 25, 2011 !!!!!! NEW EP release on Cascade Records!
AL PD Reliques Snippet EP by cascade records

Tracklist / Exclusives Tracks from the new EP RELIQUES by AL_PD

01_hein by AL PD
02_litnel by AL PD
03_greater kabob by AL PD
04_skee-ball by AL PD
05_hurl by AL PD
06_tart by AL PD
07_17b-6 by AL PD
08_calidream by AL PD


Oh! Dee - Dizzy Spell

Free dwnld at Oh! Dee's bandcamp
Oh! Dee - Dizzy Spells by BluntGutsNation



Morpheground - The One

The One by Morpheground



14kt - 27 Insturmentals

27 beats, most available for dwnld

Instrumentals by 14KT


Raj Mahal - Steel Flowers

Real dope
Steel Flowers by Raj Mahal


Pursuit Grooves - GuSHee (album teaser)

(New album teaser) - GuSHee by PursuitGrooves

I've been a big fan of hers for a while now, keep a look out for the new album dropping March 8th on Otnorot Recordings.

Our Favorite Rhythm (J Dilla Tribute)

Cop this gem from Origimoz while you still can!

Our Favorite Rhythm (J Dilla Tribute) by Origimoz


((NegroSaki Takes Over Anime)) Cry Wolf

Cut from Negrosaki's newest project ((NegroSaki Takes Over Anime))


Inspirational Stanza ft. Cjay (Prod.Marsy Mars)

Inspirational Stanza Ft.Cjay (Prod.Marsy Mars) by "Marsy Mars"

Elaquent - Oldies

Elaquent - Dutch Canadian by BluntGutsNation

"Over elaquent’s vast, illustrious career he has consistently blessed us with tape after tape after tape of pure genius. this here is a collection of some of his ‘finer work’, tracks that most of y’all are probably tired of but some of you will shit your pants over. if it was up to eq everything he ever released would be free but we have kids to feed. the point is, for the kids who dunno who this canadian even is, peep game and refer back to his catalogue, and you’ll hear the real gems."

As a free goodie, we have attached the first single off Elaquent’s HW&W debut release.

The Midnight After
coming soon.



Thursday, February 17, 2011

Marcus Swarv∃y////Shadows, Vol.2 (MurkySelection)

Marcus Swarv∃y following up with Vol.2 (MurkySelection) DNT SLEEP ON THIS! DWNLD THE SHIT OUT OF IT @ his bandcamp

Marcus Swarv∃y////Shadows, Vol.1 (SwrvySelection)

DWNLD Marcus Swarv∃y 's beat tape Shadows, Vol.1 (SwrvySelection) at his bandcamp. SHIT IS SMOOTH AS FUCKKKKKKKKK. GRAB IT!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FlipTop - Fuego vs Protege

I've known this cat Protege since we were together rhyming in the alleys of Bangkok. Always been a dope MC, and to find out that he's in The Philippines still killing it is no surprise. Check out the FlipTop (Hip Hop Phillipines Battle) when he eats this guy Fuego alive. Nasty. Shout outs to Protege! Keep killin em fam!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tyler the Creator////Yonkers

Tyler the Creator (OFWGKTA) just released a new video/single entitled Yonkers from his upcoming album GOBLIN, which is supposed to drop some time in April! SHIT GOES TOO HARD and this incredible video was directed by Wolf Haley himself. SWAG. OFWGKTADGAFLLBBLS

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Clear Blue////Windows

Clear Blue dropped a new instrumental album entitled Windows to kick off the new year right

You can cop all 11 tracks @ his Bandcamp.

Same Same (But Different)

I thought i lost the remixes a while ago but lucky buddy still had em on a iphonea

P Villa - Strugglin' Everyday (ft The Notorius B.I.G.) by BluntGutsNation P Villa - This Vibe Ill (ft. Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip) by BluntGutsNation
P Villa - Vomit Spit (ft. M.F. Doom) by BluntGutsNation

Cop a free dwnld hurr @ tha bandcamp

Click hurr

////More Dilla Tributes////

Late Night Dilla by Ta-ku
More Sprinkles (For Dilla) by Handbook

BLUNT GUTS EXCLUSIVE!!!! - Kenneth Collins : Sincerely, The Blue Lobster

Blunt Guts Nation is proud to present, "Sincerely, The Blue Lobster". A beat tape by the graphic designer, producer, & homie Kenneth Collins. The Blue Lobster is a collection of beats from 2006 - 2010, and also feature appearances from Starfaze Kid (from Sapporo, Japan - big ups), Mikey Biscuits, Joëlle Michaela Davis, and a remix by Unda.

Kenneth did the cover art, and has done graphic design for rappers Curren$y & Stalley. He's also held down Blunt Guts Nation for album covers (look to your right). Respect.


More of Ken's work -

(The reversed version of Joëlle Michaela Davis's song can be found here @

Fam all day.

Friday, February 04, 2011


Some recent tracks inspired by the legendary J DILLA
Cloud Walking (J Dilla Tribute) by LuminaryYouth J. Khan - Tribute To Dilla by J. Khan Music
Airworks 2010 (Instrumental) by Psymun


Kickin off Dilla month with this trailer for J Dilla: Still Shining Directed by Brian Atkins
The film drops on Feb. 7th and has been described as "An exclusive video journey with the legendary James Yancey"


Wednesday, February 02, 2011

heRobust////Albumin Ep

heRobust dropped his aLbuMIN Ep today and the shit is MINDBLOWING. This joint is a must have and hes giving it away FO FREEEEE!!! but if you got any money layin around in paypal THROW HIM SOME!!!this shit is tht good...