Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time Wharp - Later

Homie Time Wharp drops a free EP entitled "Later" Get it here!

Time Wharp - cuspcake by BluntGutsNation


Also peep the guest mix he did for Ohmpark featuring all artist from the ATL

Being a huge fan of mixtapes, I decided it would be fun to have musicians, bloggers, labels, etc contribute mixes to Ohmpark this summer. To debut this new series, Time Wharp, aka Patrick Loggins, whose later. is one of my favourite records to come out so far this year, has put together a sampler of the new Atl beat sound. This is how he describes it:

here’s a grab-bag of what’s happening/what could be happening
a little cruise through the minds of current or self-proclaimed ATLiens

somebody’s gotta get this stuff out there
cultivate the sound in the city

Here’s the tracklist, which begins with an exclusive from Divine Interface, and listen/download the whole thing below:

Divine Interface : “Father Time”
C Powers : “Pashuniv”
P Villa : “Hydrogen”
Time Wharp : “mandelbrotset” (achy dromedary rmx)
Matthewdavid : “Noche y Dia / San Raphael”
OutKast : “Ms. Jackson” (Harmonimix)
Mane Mane : “Just Called 2″
REKchampa : “Nights”
DZA : “Softgram” (Busted by heRobust)