Friday, September 30, 2011


DWNLD HandBook's BeautifullyMellO NeW EP Amnesia

Thursday, September 29, 2011

WAVEFORM////FreeForm Records

Freeform Records just dropped their first compilation tape today and it's FUCKINHUGE!!!!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Will Sessions - Real Sessions

Stones Throw holdin' it down once again.

Eight-piece soul-funk ensemble Will Sessions began making a name for themselves by playing gigs with fellow Detroit natives Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, and Phat Kat, backing them with live interpretations of Madlib, Dilla and Black Milk beats. Now the group has dropped a free live album, Real Sessions, a compilation of live recordings with these MCs. Free download below, including album and digital booklet.

2. MIC CHECK 313 feat. Guilty Simpson
3. BACK ON THE ROAD AGAIN feat. Guilty Simpson
4. NIGHTMARE feat. Phat Kat & Guilty Simpson
5. FRONT STREET feat. Phat Kat & DJ Dez
6. COLD STEEL feat. Phat Kat & Elzhi
7. GET RICHES feat. Guilty Simpson
8. SO GONE / NAUTILUS feat. Black Milk
9. PRESSURE feat. Black Milk
10. DANGER feat. Black Milk & Phat Kat
11. TAKE NOTICE feat. Guilty Simpson


James Pants Beat Archive Vol 1 (2001 - 2007)

I bring forth the first installment of the Beat Archive; a 51-piece vast collection of oddities, soddities, and heresies from back in the days when I thought I could be a rap producer. Never worked out so well. But regardless, I hope you enjoy. Feel free to use for your own purposes, and spread around.

[ed. note: this was originally titled JP Beat Archive #1: 2001-2007, but upon further inspection, there is only one from 2001, so I can’t fully claim that title. Mostly 2004-2008 I realized. sorry for the confusion. I also misspelled “sincerely” in the original post.]


James P


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BMB aka SpaceKid////The Sound of Tomorrow


Cremedelacrack////Suzi Analogue RMX

DWNLD Cremedelacrack's BANGIN RMX of Suzi Analogue's track Aero FOFREE @ BANDCAMPS

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011


"Sententia is the result of months of collaboration between two rapidly rising US beatmakers, Ackryte and AL_PD. The two have masterfully crafted beats from scratch with layer upon layer of complexity, emotion, and drama. With each track, their own unique styles are allowed to shine through, while also creating something unique and novel. This album is a must-have for the beats enthusiast!


Outlier Records
is back today with another beautiful installment in their OUTSOURCED COMPILATION series! Volume Three returns with a RAW new collection of diverse beats from a worldwide assortment of producers DNT SLEEP!!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

WAVEFORM////FreeForm Records

WAVEFORM is the first compilation tape from UK label FreeForm Records and this shit is SERIOUS!! The collection includes FRESH/TALENTED producers from all around the WorldWideBeatScene dropping some insanely HEAVY tracks! Including: Mndsgn, Sir Froderick, Ta-Ku, Infinite Potentials, Somepling, FantastikClick & Sport G, Prof.logik, chris△re & MANYMORE!

The 20 Track Album Drops September 30th////Pre-Order LIMITED COMPACT DISC

heRobust live @ King Plow in Atlanta

I arrived to the show kind of late but i still managed to catch some pretty ill footy with my phone. Check out heRobust live set at King Plow to give yall some insight on how we do it in the ATL !

Live on Heavy Rain Music TV - 13.9.11. R.I.P. DJ Mehdi

Here's a pretty slick mix by Mr. E paying homage to DJ Mehdi who tragically passed away recently. Brought to you by Heavy Rain

The mix is also dedicated to Tupac Shakur who's untimely death occured the same date fifteen years ago


Live on Heavy Rain Music TV - 13.9.11. R.I.P. DJ Mehdi. by Mr . E


A Good Man Is Gone – Jesse Futerman
Réalité – Different Teep
Above the Clouds – Gang Starr
Sympathy (longer interlude) – Konstrukt
Stop! – J Dilla
Meow – Christoph El’ Truento
Think Twice – INI
M.O.P.E. – Ambassadeurs
Dead Presidents II – Jay z
Dat Ass – Jonwayne
AHHH – Konstrukt
Rappaz R. N. Dainja – KRS ONE
Steady Effect – Manni Dee
Temperature’s Rising – Mobb Deep
Lifesize Stuffed Animal – Samiyam
Sound Bwoy Burreil – Smif-N-Wessun
Swerve – the reeping of all that is worthwhile (noir not withstanding) – Shabazz Palaces
Hungry – Apollo Brown
Mein Atari (Mr Dibia$e Lofi Reflip) – Darkhouse Family
Free Mo – Hudson Mohawke
Howl’s Moving Castle Request – NegroSaki
Darkhouse Meditation – Darkhouse Family
Keroro Platoon – kidkanevil
Heavy – Coco Bryce
Piece based gawds – 86’D
The Edge – David Axelrod
Kalimba Song – AbJo
Hold Steady – Producer Veterano
1ofus – Slugabed
LabOrhood – One Be Lo
AfricaDilla – Sizemen
Bit Crushing – Coco Bryce
1,2,3,4 – Ta-Ku
Electric relaxation – BADBADNOTGOOD
Powaful Impak! – Black Moon
Diana Won’t – Dimlite
Soldier – Erykah Badu
Get On Down – Kenny Dope
Hop Scotch – P Villa
Nu Krak Swing – Slugabed
Hey DJ – World Famous Supreme Team
Do For Love – Tupac
Moment Of Truth – Gang starr

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adrian Younge Presents : Venice Dawn

Adrian Younge is a composer & editor, who scored & edited the modern Blaxploitation classic 'Black Dynamite'. Before he scored Black Dynamite, Adrian felt confined to the limitations of the MPC and taught himself several instruments. In 1998, he released a project titled 'Venice Dawn'. 'Venice Dawn' is composed, arranged, and played by Adrian. 11 years later and this shit is fresher than anything I've heard in a while. Props to Wax Poetics for releasing this digital EP for FREE.

Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn (EP) by Wax Poetics

BMB aka SpaceKid////The Sound of Tomorrow

BMB aka Space Kid - The Sound of Tomorrow - Teaser by SOULECTION

Prepare YO NeckPoles for the new album The Sound of Tomorrow from prolific Saint-Petersburg producer BMB aka SpaceKid!! This 12 min teaser gives you a taste of what kinda rawness is in-store BRUH!

The LP drops September 27th courtesy of JoeKay's Soulection


Knocksteady by mr.dibiase



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Swarvy////WaLDen LP


"sum personal // for ya public headphone zone outs // for yr antisocial time \s . . ."

El Toro - Mandala of LOVE EP

Really stoked I stumpled upon this ill beatmaker out of Russia! Peep El Toro Mandala of Love EP on Bandcamp, it's all ive been bangin' out the past couple of days

El Toro ▲k▲ E.T - Can't live without you by BluntGutsNation

El Toro ▲k▲ E.T - Grace Catcher by BluntGutsNation

Download the Mandala of love EP

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Find Magazine x BudaMunk - Far Weast Mix

"Budamunk hails from Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan. He crafts intricate jazzy and soulful hip hop instrumentals that have been released on the small Japanese label Jazzy Sport.

In this ‘Far Weast’ mix Budamunk has selected and mixed a clash of vibrations from Los Angeles and the sounds of Japan. Kick back and enjoy the grooves. Hip hop is a worldwide phenomenon… and it don’t stop."

Cover by Miss Soulshine, based on a drawing of L.A. by Stephen Wiltshire.

“The buddah monk’s in ya trunk, turn the bass up” – Nas (It Ain’t Hard To Tell)

- The Find Magazine


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dam Funk & Master Blazter LIVE in Brooklyn (AUG 2010)

Kareem Hendrix (of Rhythmic Variations of Sound) & I went to see the almighty Dam Funk & Master Blazter rock out in Brooklyn last year in August. I videotaped the show but got caught up in music and forgot to post it. Sorry for the shakey moments, I was wildin' out & screaming to the songs. Skraight funk bruh.

TEAPOT - Unrest II

"Teapot´s style is an auteur hybrid of cinematic IDM, dubstep, and minimal techno, with the occasional hint
of jazz.

The first time I heard Teapot was his dubplate brokenbeat re-rub of Missy Elliott´s Get Ur Freak On. Then I visited his inspirative RBMA Session plus live set. This guy is really running across the styles and sounds. A futuristic journey! After you get his Unrest II single, check out his other releases, all experimental heads will be satisfied!

I am happy to present the original Unrest II composition with remixes by Slovak top sounding producers Stratasoul and Stroon. Both well profiled on not only the local wonky beats, hip-hop and dubstep scene, but have also released a split EP called Molotov Heart Cocktail/Lowitzer on their Stratastroon imprint in July 2011. Now, they deliver two fresh sounding remixes for Unrest II. Let them beep, bleep and freak the beat out!" -BlueBlackMusic

TEAPOT - Unrest II (Stratasoul Remix) by BluntGutsNation

Purchase via Bandcamp

Ju-Ar - Orange Air

"Orange Air is the debut of Ju-Ar, who has been working in the last couple of years together with his good friend under the name of ‘Truestatiks’. The solo Album was planned a long time ago, but couldn’t be realized until last year. Orange Air shows Ju-Ar’s point of view of music with a thoughtful use of vocal bits, instruments and samples inspired by the golden-era of jazz and soul completed by a warm reel 2 reel tape sound."

Ju-Ar - I Want You by BluntGutsNation

Download "Orange Air" via bandcamp


FUCKIN_DOPE mix Prof.Logik dropped for TheFindMag

Saturday, September 17, 2011

proflogik - Chant From Inner Earth

Dope new track from the homie proflogik ! Expand your mind and your universe

proflogik - Chant From Inner Earth by BluntGutsNation

Also be sure to peep his newest cassette "Dust Fragmentation"

Beats by Ben Jamiл''

The New Zealand kid known as Ben Jamiл'' uploaded a new track yesterday and it's SERIOUS.

Ben Jamiл'' - Nintendoe by BluntGutsNation

After you peep that, make sure to check out his album Collaboration and his work on the Project Moon Circle compilation release !

Friday, September 16, 2011

Electronic Music of Atlanta (EMA) Mix 1

I was fortunate this summer to finally get to meet and play with some people doing big things in Atlanta. The purpose of the mix is to promote the EMA as a whole as well as the individual artists involved. Feel free to download, share the mix, and dig into all of ATLiens who contributed. Also be sure to check out the EMA page here there's also a couple of exclusive joints from our man Unda off his upcoming EP, check it ! !

Electronic Music of Atlanta (EMA) Promo Mix 1 by P Villa


Divine Interface - Lovers fracture

heRobust - Pixlelord - Fish Touch (Busted by heRobust)

C Powers - Slow Handed

P Villa ft. B Walts - J108

Time Wharp - 404'd

BOSCO - Pacer

Unda - Blurry Oranges

heRobust - Fortune Howl - Samurai Sword (Busted by heRobust)

Divine Interface - Color Ways

10th Letter - S_H_I_F_T_

Mane Mane - Mom Moment

Ethereal - In my Honor

Yamin Semali aka AmDex -Slum Beautiful (Remix)

Introspective Minds ft. EsiwannA - Wonderfu1

P Villa - Get Dis Money (Remix)

Stacy Epps -2Life

Ethereal - Ultralord ft. Keith Charles

heRobust - Bambara - Drag Hesitation (Busted by heRobust)

10th Letter - Virgins Hymn

Unda - Tequila Sunrise

Mane Mane - Rain Mane

Dark Room -BatShit

BOSCO - Yea-yay

Stacy Epps - Now

10th Letter - Cosmic Coincidence

Time Wharp ft. Mickey Mickey Rourke - DADARK//SOFTFANG

mdusu - Des Chansons Sur Les Filles

check out the latest mdusu release via TapeDeath ! Alot of lovin' vibes in here cop it off Bandcamp NOW ! ! !

mdusu - I Need You by BluntGutsNation

eLan - Next 2 Last

A2 of the upcoming "Fuzzy Numbers EP" by eLan. The Vinyl is due for release on October 14th on Monkeytown Records, yall make sure and cop it when it drops ya hurr!

eLan "Next 2 Last" (MONKEYTOWN016) OUT OCT 14 by Modeselektor

Lunar Atrium (Video)

Check out the official video for my track Lunar Atrium, you can dwnld the track HERE fo free! Video by the man and known as Faceless , make sure you check out more of his work at his website he is a beast !

Jack Preston - Pickled Beets & The Language of Anguish

I got to see Jack Preston & his live band the Dojo Knights last night at ATL's Star Bar and I was BLOWN away. I went home to do some research on the man and found a couple FREE beat tapes titled 'Pickled Beets & 'The Language of Anguish'. Check out some footage from other live shows, and download the beat tapes below. ATL HO!!!!!!

Kappah - Welcome Superstereo Stars

Ugh! Bangers galore, Don't sleep peeps!

Kappah - Sunday producers (feat. Railster) by BluntGutsNation

Dwnld Kappah - Welcome Superstereo Stars on his bandcamp FO FREE!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Prof.Logik////ChuuchPodcast V

Prof.Logik - Chuuch Podcast V by CLICK ARROW 4 DWNLD

HEAVY_MIX from Prof.Logik for the ChuuchMusakPodcastSeries


1. Bun-Africa Jazz
2.Nuckelus f & Ohbliv-What to Believe
4.Zeroh-I was Sad (Old Cryptic Shit)
5.KenLo Craqnuques-Track 05
6.Sean Price & Roc Marciano-Snow
8.Jon Wayne-When your a thug (Jon Wayne's Apocalyptic Rhetoric)rmx
9.AL_PD-Lime Leaf
10.Culp-Coke N Gunz
11.Sean Price-Barry ruff


Amin Payne - PayneOdyssey

Fire new release from Melbourne producer Amin Payne

Taku X Amin Payne - Get On The Floor by BluntGutsNation

Onra////Change of Heart

FONKY FREEBIE from legendary french producer Onra! GETIT!

Speak Easy ft. BOSCO - Revolving Doors (Prod. by Unda)

Check out this fresh new track by Speak Easy ft. BOSCO produced by our mayne Unda! Enjoy a Free DWNLD via soundcloud
Speak Easy ft. BOSCO - Revolving Doors (Prod. by Unda) by BluntGutsNation


Beat Mix by P.U.D.G.E.

The homie P.U.D.G.E. jus dropped a Beat Mix on his twitter and it's bangin! Enjoy a free DWNLD from his cloud

Blasphemous Jazz: The Bitches Brew Sessions

"On Thursday June 2, 2011 at The Little Bar in South Philadelphia; Mndsgn, Swarvy, Sir Froderick, Knxwledge, Josh Hey and Stainless Steele came together to play a live show that they called “Blasphemous Jazz”. The concept for the show was that each artist would produce the re-workings of Miles Davis’ ‘Bitches Brew’ album. Each producer played a live set which included their Bitches Brew session. The show was hosted/Emceed by Stainless Steele. This release is the studio version of what was performed live that night."

Respect and enjoy a free download!

Slum Villa

A couple remixes paying homage to the one and only Jay Dee
Slum Village - Get Dis Money (P Villa rmx) by BluntGutsNation

Get it HERE

Joe Kay////Soulection Radio #49

Show #49 by Soulection Radio on Mixcloud

Another Raw FUTUREBEAT set from JOeKAY

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


A LUSCIOUS new release today from Richmond,VA producer Ohbliv!!!
Ohblique is a smoooooth collection of 8 loose bliv beats with tht signature ButterySoulChopStilo! He graciously decided to release the tape FO FREE in anticipation for his upcoming LP MINDGARDEN !! SO prepare your earholes/marinate on this until the LP drops bruuuh

ㅣcㅐㅣRㅇ____ ////LoopShu

Peep ㅣcㅐㅣRㅇ's beautiful new LP LoopShu

Friday, September 09, 2011


DWNLD the track @ hisBANDCAMP

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Manni Dee////Superposition EP

Our boy Manni Dee just dropped a stunning new EP today entitled Superposition via SaturateRecords!! The album includes four HUGEtracks from Manni accompanied by four remixes from an assortment of producers! SO DNT SLEEP this tape is FUCKINRAW



Indigo Principle by 3LLL


Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Saturday, September 03, 2011


Sexy Thang by BobbyTank CLiCK THE ARROW FOR DWNLD

FREE 80's SExFONKBANGER from Londonite BobbyTank

Joob////Chuuch Podcast Vol. IV

Joob - Binaural Movement - Chuuch Podcast Vol. IV by

Click the little arrow to DWNLD Joob's incredible mix for the Chuuch Muzak Podcast series

1. Ras G- Dishwater
2. Ichiro_- Miyane
3. matthewdavid- international
4. Autechre- SonDEremawe
5. Ahnnu- brute
6. mndsgn- Dam'sKeys (ThenWHT)
7. Luigi-Bo 87- Thanks
8. supfa- Flickering Light
9. Coleman- No Strings Attached
10. Swarvy- rainbowhiccups
11. Joob- Kuiper Belt
12. Madegg- Jotaroside
13. Fennesz- Got To Move On
14. Kenlo- Tesla
15. p.u.d.g.e.- whut happened
16. Matt Gamin/ TapeMastah Steph- No Love Lost
17. Ernest Blount- Turkish Delight
18. OL- ic 342
19. Botanico- 3era
20. Kenlo- Venus Fertile
21. Nosaj Thing- 2222
22. Elos- Hornets Nest
23. Autechre- redfall

Thursday, September 01, 2011


Peep oddlogic's RAW new EP NO REASON WHATSOEVER dropping courtesy of Outlier Records DWNLD all six tracks @ his bandcamp

Enter the Code "noreasonwhatsoever" into bandcamp when DWNLDing and you will get a 50% discount! the code expires at sept. 2nd at 11:59pm.

Mndsgn////2 Freebies 4 You

Mndsgn * Soup by mndsgn Mndsgn * OkThenWrdYup by mndsgn Click the little arrow to DWNLD

Mndsgn was kind enough to give out these two INCREDIBLE tracks today so hurry up and get a DWNLD before they all runs outs bruh