Friday, September 16, 2011

Electronic Music of Atlanta (EMA) Mix 1

I was fortunate this summer to finally get to meet and play with some people doing big things in Atlanta. The purpose of the mix is to promote the EMA as a whole as well as the individual artists involved. Feel free to download, share the mix, and dig into all of ATLiens who contributed. Also be sure to check out the EMA page here there's also a couple of exclusive joints from our man Unda off his upcoming EP, check it ! !

Electronic Music of Atlanta (EMA) Promo Mix 1 by P Villa


Divine Interface - Lovers fracture

heRobust - Pixlelord - Fish Touch (Busted by heRobust)

C Powers - Slow Handed

P Villa ft. B Walts - J108

Time Wharp - 404'd

BOSCO - Pacer

Unda - Blurry Oranges

heRobust - Fortune Howl - Samurai Sword (Busted by heRobust)

Divine Interface - Color Ways

10th Letter - S_H_I_F_T_

Mane Mane - Mom Moment

Ethereal - In my Honor

Yamin Semali aka AmDex -Slum Beautiful (Remix)

Introspective Minds ft. EsiwannA - Wonderfu1

P Villa - Get Dis Money (Remix)

Stacy Epps -2Life

Ethereal - Ultralord ft. Keith Charles

heRobust - Bambara - Drag Hesitation (Busted by heRobust)

10th Letter - Virgins Hymn

Unda - Tequila Sunrise

Mane Mane - Rain Mane

Dark Room -BatShit

BOSCO - Yea-yay

Stacy Epps - Now

10th Letter - Cosmic Coincidence

Time Wharp ft. Mickey Mickey Rourke - DADARK//SOFTFANG