Friday, November 30, 2012


This years’s Trinumeral is held at two adjacent, classic Atlanta venues – the King Plow Arts Center and Terminal West. The event will be a three stage event, with a King Plow Arts Center stage, a Terminal West stage, and a third outdoor stage in the courtyard area that connects King Plow to Terminal West. This will be a limited capacity event. So get your tickets now while they are still available. This is an 18+ event.

Advance tickets:

Tickets: $45 adv/$50 day of show



Line up: Flying Lotus, Break Science, Blockhead, Nadastrom (Dave Nada & Matt Nordstrom), Teebs, Eliot Lipp, R/D, Midelixir, Panther God, Marley Carroll, Roel Funcken, Ployd, Mr. Atomic, Spytek, Bookworm, Gift, Medisin, Samuel Paradise, Kebbi Williams featuring P Villa, Cloudeater, Isness, Sonen, The Ruination, Asleep In The Weeds, Alpaca, Ahuff

Amin PaYnE////Cosmic Disfunktions

Some fresh future funk from the homie Amin Payne !
courtesy of Cascade Records

When hip hop & funk come together for a mutual love of the beat, that's what we're about to talk about here. 
Amin PaYnE, straight from Auckland (NZ), who is already known for his skills with the mpc, brings us a new release called Cosmic Disfunktions on which he presents to us an intelligent blend of classic funk with a touch of modern hiphop. Over the course of this album we hear references to artists such as J-Dilla, Pete Rock, B.T. Express, Parliament-Funkadelic ... A mix of the past and future, these sounds clearly reflect a dusty, crunchy and soulful sound which is familiar yet new. 


COSMIC: Transcending through future and electronic elements via synthesizers and drum machines. DISFUNKTIONS: Fused on disco & funk sampled/inspired music, together with modern and the 80's sound. COSMIC DISFUNKTIONS, an album that flows fluently through infused sounds of smooth melodies, crunchy drums, luscious sax and guitar riffs. A changeable 13 track album compiled with a taste of a down tempo melodies, funked out heavy bass and uplifting beats. Forever grateful to have talented guest appearances from local and international artists, much love to SilentJay [AUS], K*Saba [NZ], BEN BADA BOOM [GERM], Roughsoul [AUS] and Karen Morales [AUS]. 2012 brought me through a great musical journey, feeling blessed to finally share with you this release that I personally feel is my best word yet. Many thanks to Cascade Records, Sal Martin, all the artists involved on this project and of course for those who support and keep on, hope you enjoy this. One love. 

-Amin PaYnE 


Some new flips from the ATL homie HeRobust ! Plus famlay hooked them up for a free download so you can wreck your next show

Thursday, November 29, 2012


I was fortunate enough to catch the Booty Bakery in action this past September in Montreal. Shout out to Victor Bonglovanni and the Booty Based Mob for this dope new compilation. New exclusives from Vlooper, Sango, Kaystradamus and more !

Falcons////Remixxes Vol. 2

Some dope reworks from the LA Falcons ! Can't sleep on download below



Thursday, November 01, 2012

Yamin Semali////Yen Dollar Music Vol. 1

Yamin Semali - ¥ankee $wing by BluntGutsNation

Brand new instrumental album from homie and ATL native Yamin Semali. Enjoy a free download courtesy of the good people at producersiknow. If you know Yamin through his work with Stacy Epps and Clan Destined, then you already know his debut instrumental album will definitely snap some necks! Brace for face for some raw, MPC boom bap!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 Elaquent - Parallel by BluntGutsNation

Elaquent's Highly anticipated EP Parallel just dropped via Urbnet ! Don't sleep on this 5 track journey into pure melodic and atmospheric bliss. Parallel is available on itunes & other digital realtors. As well as limited edition 7"

Push Beats Compilation Vol. 1

a fugginRAWWW compilation of 12 wildly diverse Chi-town producers brought to by Push Beats

Preview//Purchase @ PB's Bandcvmp

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Insightful////The Shy Lanterns Glow

FUCKmyFACE this whole album is AMAZING  


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sango////Otra Vez EP

CANT SLEEP on this new Sango EP
DWNLD Otra Vez EP @ Bandcvmp now Fo $1!!!!
“This EP is about representing and celebrating Latin America’s diverse music. With styles of music such as Bachata/Meregue, Reggaeton, Salsa, Cumbia, Samba, and Tribal-Guarachero… I want to decode the music and create these styles of music in my perspective. Mixed in with some Trap and House influences, I give praise to Latin American music with this EP.” -Sango

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Evil Needle////Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves by Evil_Needle

 CaNT SLeeP on Evil Needle's fuckingHUGE track for PotHolesInMyBlog's new comp Robot Soup!! Click the little arrow to DWNLD this GOWjes smootherness from the Parisian beatKING

DWNLD the full comp @ Bandcvmp fo FREEEE

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The Left Field Experiment (your monthly dose of mind altering beats and psychedelic hip hop) in conjunction with the A3C Hip Hop Festival (October 11-13 in Atlanta GA) bring you...

Performances from:
Oh No (Gangrene / Stones Throw Records)
Floyd the Locsmif (Dirty Drum Academy)
The Difference Machine (DT of Clan Destined and Dr. Conspiracy of the Psychic Armed Galactic Empire)
P Villa (Blunt Guts Nation, Astro Nautico)
Illastrate (Dirty Drum Academy)

Admission is included with your A3C Festival Pass
$10 without an A3C pass

RSVP on  Facebook

October 11th

9:00 pm until 2:30 am @ The Drunken Unicorn

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

TokiMonsta////Clarks Originals' RMX

We actually had the pleasure of meeting Toki this past weekend @ the CounterPoint Music Festival. Incredibly talented, sexy, & HUMBLE (Photo By JP Villa)  
Check out TokiMonsta's recent collab on the Clarks Originals' Remixed project 

Flying Lotus////Until The Quiet Comes

FLYlo's new album is available now WORLDWIDE


GOWjes new EP from TDOT king Elaquent drops Oct 30th
PreOrder Parallel NOW @ BANDCVMP

Madlib BBC Invasion////Jan 29 2004

Worldwide Madlib Invasion Special // 29 January 2004 by gillespeterson

So a few hours ago the legendary Gilles Peterson decided to upload an unbelievable THRWBCK mix to his Soundcloud bruhhh. Madlib's 2004 BBC invasion special was absolutely a pivotal moment in my life at the time. As  young highschool students me and Villa were just getting into our own. Finding out what the world really had to offer aside from the ATLsnapRAP phenomenon and top40 radio trash. If you have never had the pleasure of soaking in this set then prepare your earHOLES for a 2hr eclectic journey through the LoopDiggas crates...

Monday, October 01, 2012

Pragmatic Theory////Summer In the City COMP

Another butterySMOOth compilation of talented beat scene up&comers brought to you by the Pragmatic Theory crew
Take in the good vibes //// DWNLD all 31 tracks fo FREEEEEE

heRobust////Live @ CounterPoint

Our boy heRobust FUCKING MURDERING the CounterPoint Electronic Music Festival in Atlanta this past weekend. The RAWEST 21seconds of the entire festival. ATL | HOE
Peep his most recent EP bruhhhhhh

Friday, September 21, 2012

BMB////Strictly Beats Mix

Beat-Maker-Beat Pressent: Stryctly Beats mix (Flavor of the Raw) by BMB. 
Oooooyeeeeeee cant sleep on this RAWWW 40min live mix of BeatMakerBeat GEMS! Roll one up and kick back to the smooth sounds of the madRussian himself GETem

Ben Jamin x Proflogik////88Drumsdoe

Ben Jamin" x Proflogik - 88Drumsdoe by Ben Jamiл''

DAMN this beat goes HARDasFUCKKK!!!
Click the little arrow to DWNLD
The homies Ben Jamin & Proflogik droppin a HEAVY freebie onYALL

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Soulection Radio #97////Häzel GuestMIX

Radio bringing tht HEAT as always for another 3 hour set of FUTUREmusakkk!! Show #97 includes a FUCKINGRAWWW 30min set from Parisian beatsmith Häzel! SO DNT SLEEP BRuHH

DWNLD this CRAZYsmoof Freebie from Häzel

Thursday, September 06, 2012

SWEATSON KLANK////Fuck you all the time RMX


CANTsleep on this unbelievable TRAP'dOUT SEXbutter of a RMX from LA producer SWEATSON KLANK



0hbliv's gorgeous debut LP on HW&W Records = 0HfuckYES
Plently of that warm vintage chopVIBE you've grown to love

+Also available on Limited Edition Vinyl

BoomBaptist ////The Lost Files Vol. 3 (2006​-​2007)

DNT Sleep on the third installment in BoomBaptist's Lost Files Series! 12 DustyBOOMBAP MPCjams from Baptist's secret vaults

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BoomBaptist////MOP RMX

MOP-G-Building (BoomBaptist Remix) by BoomBaptist

I SAID GAAAWWdayuummmm
Click the little arrow to DWNLD BoomBaptist's HUGErmx

Ta-Ku////RE ϟ TWERK

DONTsleep on this NEW release from Aussie heavyweight Ta-Ku!!
Preview/Purchase RE ϟ TWERK @ BANDCVMP

a SOULFUL fusion of Garage-ish Bass Beat$ & TRAP-hop
+He has generously made the 4 remixes available fo free DWNLD

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

HeRobust////Screw Loose EP

ATL producer HeRobust steady puts in work! Another EP from the genius kid entitled "Screw Loose" is forthcoming on San Francisco label Muti Music. Unfortunately, the EP won't be available until September 4th. But you'll be happy to hear you can stream the album in its entirety on soundcloud before the release date !

heRobust - Screw Loose Muti120 by Muti Music

"The EP Screw Loose is like a robot doing gardening on an inner city porch and taking a moment to do a funky dance on the street. After garnering a lot of hype online and now with performances nationally he’s generating rumblings from the underground upwards. heRobust is an emerging talent that is kicking up dust with his relentless ability to drop gangster funk, light hearted good vibes and experimental IDM with the ease, fluidity and grace of an olympic gymnast.

heRobust is an Atlanta based producer that has been blending genres ever since he emerged onto the electronic music scene in early 2011. HeRobust’s debut EP, Albumin, was released on Saturate Records in February of 2011 and was quickly recognized by industry leaders such as XLR8R, Vice, and Jay Scarlet of Beat Dimensions. Soon after, heRobust found himself shared the stage with the likes of Flying Lotus, Daddy Kev, Gaslamp Killer, Salva, NiTGrit, Shlohmo, Shigeto and many more. February of 2012 marked Hayden’s second release, the Late Night / Morning After double album. The release was met with rave reviews all over the internet, select tracks even finding there way to the featured page on vimeo, top 50 on hypeM, and a feature on Diplo label Mad Decent’s blog." - Muti Music

Moist Ghost////Big Game Hunter

Homie and Atlanta native Moist Ghost just dropped his debut LP on Astro Nautico

"Based in Atlanta, 20-year old Moist Ghost's debut LP and Astro Nautico’s seventeenth official release - Big Game Hunter - conjures a landscape as ethereal as it is post-apocalyptic. Liquid textures and haunting soundscapes connect songs along a constellation that is oceanic in character, yet also finds roots in a dangerous, late-night aesthetic. While the album spans a myriad of musical styles, there is a clear, underlying vision to the work that is both coherent and timeless.

Opening with deep and brooding synth pads reminiscent of Vangelis and John Carpenter, “Wilderness Survival” sets a cosmic tone. Songs like "Waterwalker" and "Epoch" are both reminiscent of early DMZ golden-era dubstep, full of deep sub basses and polyrhythmic percussion. "Maze" and "Keeping Tabs" borrow from a similar vibe, substituting low end for lush analog-sounding pads that drench the tunes’ 2-step styles in a thick, creeping haze.

Meanwhile, other tracks defy categorization. "Big Game Hunter" maintains an unsettling vibe, combining sharply filtered chord stabs, poltergeist vocals and crushing percussion that literally shatter into a hypnotizing and rhythmic club tune. "Witch Doctor" opens with panned hand claps that break into a punishing mix of rasta chants and dancehall riddims which can only be described as ratchet. Glueing all of these percussive tracks together are a series of fluid-moving interludes that drench the record in a vaporous rainforest mysticism.

With pulsing remixes from fellow Atlantans Time Wharp and REKchampa smoothly rounding out the LP, Big Game Hunter is a glimpse into the swamplands of the south through a voodoo lense, a smoke-filled cave where saltwater flows into the earth. Though each track individually can be dissected and analyzed, there is an intangible aura encompassing the album both familiar and unfamiliar which lends itself to finding a comfortable home in the long lineage of future-classic electronic music." -Paul Jones

Dwnld the LP for free at Astro Nautico's bandcamp

Ben Jamin'////The Wire

Been lookin' forward to this one and it was definitely worth the wait !

Ben Jamin' - Avon by BluntGutsNation

Grab Ben Jamin's newest LP the wire at his bandcamp. Limited edition 12" vinyl also available !

Lord Quas////Broad Factor (P Villa RMX)

Quick n Stoney remix. Click the little black arrow for a free dwnld

Lord Quas - Broad Factor (P Villa RMX) by BluntGutsNation

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Analogue Monsta////Conversion Theory VIDEO

FUCKIN CRAZY VIDEO for one of my favorite tracks off
Suzi & Toki's HUGE collab Album

XL8R Podcast////Groundislava

FUGGIN SMOOF new podcast featuring wedidit's own Groundislava!

01 LOL Boys "Mind's Clouded" (Friends of Friends)
02 Groundislava "Days"
03 Marc Romboy and Stephan Bodzin "Ferdinand" (Systematic)
04 Octave One "Burujha" (430 West)
05 Shlohmo "Ghost Pt. 2 (Groundislava Cool Mix)" (Error Broadcast)
06 Groundislava and Friends vs. Oliver $ "Doin Ya Thing" (Vendetta)
07 Ten City "That's The Way Love Is" (Ibadan)
08 Tomas Barfod "Came to Party (Groundislava Remix)" (Friends of Friends)
09 Wax Stag "The Wash" (People in the Sky)
10 Benedek "Last Touch (Groundislava Cool Mix)" (Proximal)
11 Groundislava "Cold Water Breathing"
12 LOL Boys "Changes (Groundislava Cool Mix)" (Friends of Friends)
13 Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack "The Day The World Revived" (Konami)
14 Groundislava "Untitled"
15 Groundislava feat. Jake Weary "The Upside (2010 Demo)"
16 Utada Hikaru "Simple and Clean" (Square Enix)

DWNLD/ Stream Full PODCAST via XL8R

Robot Koch x Kuhn////Sludge

Robot Koch x Kuhn - "Sludge" by Red Bull Music Academy

LARGEjoint from RBMA graduate Robot Koch off his forthcoming Cosmic Wave's 2x10 EP
Dropping AUG 31st on Project Moon Circle

Mecca:83////Sketchbook Pieces

WHATS GOOD ERRYBUDDY! sorry we've been off our game recently but we have been busy making BluntGuts moves around ATL. Anyway we got a GOWjes freebie from our boy Mecca:83 in the mail the other day and I had to share it! Sketchbook Pieces is a RAW 12 track tape comprised of Mecca's most recent releases and collaborations so DNT SLEEP PEOPLES.

DWNLD Sketchbook Pieces HERE FO FREEEE!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Lakim///Esoteric Ep

CheckOUT Soulection's new release spotlighting Virginia based producer Lakim
DWNLD the full Esoteric Ep FO FREEEE @ BANDCVMP

Monday, August 06, 2012


Rob & Hood by heRobust

CAN NOT SLEEP on the new EP from fellow ATLien heRobust
its full of INTERgalactic CUTLASS TRAP JAMS so
DWNLD the Rob & Hood Ep Fo FREE
Tight like Gnat Booty////TRILL AS FUCKKK

Sunday, August 05, 2012


Mad Decent artists Heroes x Villains and Vavlt Boyz present "Cold Summer" mixed by @Reprise. This is the third volume of the series and features some of our favorite southern producers. The mix goes hard as fuck and is available for free download, don't sleep !

VAVLT BOYZ X GDD PRESENT Vol 3: Cold Summer Mixed by @RESPIRE by Heroes x Villains


Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Eat More Cake Remix)

Jon Phonics - Double Vision (Bobby Tank Remix)

Bonobo - Kiara

Surkin - Orbital Motorway

Rex Riot - Baby Maker

Stabber - B-Ass

B. Bravo - Substance feat. Lady Alma

Clicks & Whistles - Neva Get Caught (Staks & Nacey Remix)

Ciara - Go Girl (MaddJazz Remix)

Boards of Canada - 1969

Hudson Mohawke - FUSE

Kastle - Time Traveler

Crookers - Hummus (Maribou State Remix)

Justice - New Lands (Sebastian Remix) // Rich Boy - Throw Some Ds

Clicks & Whistles - Raw Passion (DJ Ayres Remix)

Surkin - Lose Yourself feat. Ann Saunderson

M.I.A. - Bad Girls (Nacey Bootleg)

P Villa - Stay High

Bwana - Can't You Just // Zebra Katz - Ima Read

Submerse - Always, Like This

Mr Flash - Domino Part A

P Villa - Elevate

Gucci Mane - I Be Everywhere (Mumdance Remix)

Myrryrs - Nimh

FLT RSK - …with eyes so true (Busted by HeRobust)

Branko - Going In Hard (French Fries Remix) // Mux Mool - Flying Dreams

Round Table Knights - All Night feat. Ghostape

R_________P - Conversations

Mtume , Doctor Dru, Adana Twins - Juicy Fruit // Notorious B.I.G - Juicy

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


O^sis by proflogik

DWNLD this GOW-JES freebie from our boy Prof.logik
DNT SLEEP PEOPLES////RAWbeats & PURTY melodies

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Analogue Monsta////Boom

Our favorite ladies, Suzi Analogue and TOKiMONSTA, just dropped their highly anticipated collab album "Boom". Believe me when I say it was definitely worth the wait! The whole album takes you on an uplifting journey from start to finish. Toki's hazy synths and wonky bass highly compliment Suzi's butter smooth voice and her soulful "rebel youthful" lyricism. Of course, the most beautiful thing of all is it's available for free dwnld !

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ta-ku////50 Days For Dilla (Vol. 2)

Ta-Ku - Day 33 (50 Days For Dilla) by BluntGutsNation

BGN's favorite left coast label HW&W just released the second installment of Ta-ku's Dilla dedication. Dont Sleep !!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

B. Lewis////A Lion's Aperture Promo

New promo vid and teaser for B. Lewis's upcoming album "A Lion's Aperture" The whole LP is sounding stupid dope, make sure you cop dat when it drops! 7/27/12

A Lion's Aperture Teaser (OUT 7.27.12) by B.Lewis

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yamin Semali//// "Never Leave" Music Video

Peep ATL artist Yamin Semali's incredible new music video "Never Leave" off the forthcoming solo project, "YAMIN." Produced and written by Yamin Semali. Listen and download the song here:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Suzi Analogue////SMOOTHIE [VICE MAG MIX]

DNTsleep on this GOWjes Mix from Miss Analogue //// ViBES

1. Issac Hayes – By The Time I Get to Phoenix
2. Peachy Keen – Awesome in Outerspace + Quelle
3. Love2U (Zhane Blend) – Suzi Analogue
4. SameShowerNap – MNDSGN
5. You Make Me Smile – Iman Omari
6. Annie Hall (Suzi Analogue N. 1 Blend) – Blu
7. The Birds Don’t Fly This High – LONE
8. Fall In Love (8-bit) – Hayzee
9. Find A Way – Tribe Called Quest
10. Find A Way – Carlos Nino + Miguel Atwood Ferguson
11. Lord Finesse – Gameplan
12. 1SecondMore – Suzi Analogue (Upcoming)
13. Thuggery – Suzi Analogue
14. A Bambi for Whitney – Jamerson
15. Remind Me – Patrice Rushen (Chopped)
16. The Thing – LAVA Remix
DWNLD Suzi's WiLDmix for Vice Mag fo free @ her Bandcvmp

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sweatson Klank////Finest Ego Mix #14

Finest Ego #14 mit Sweatson Klank by BLN.FM Finest Ego

Get your relaxation deVICES ready and vibe to this lush hour of exclusive gems from LA beat scene pioneer Sweatson Klank. The BLN.FM Radio show even includes a short interview with the man himself. SHITchea.

"With over ten years‘ experience in the music game, including three full length albums and a slew of EPs, Sweatson Klank – formerly known as Take – is one of L.A’s longest standing producers working at the periphery of hip hop and electronic music, a man who had a direct hand in shaping L.A’s beat scene in the ’00s through the Sketchbook night alongside Kutmah. Whether or not you’ve heard his music before you’ll have felt the impact of his work. After a two-year hiatus Sweatson Klank returns..."

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hi-Res////Vanilla Archives Beattape Mix ('08-'10)

Hi-res - Vanilla Archives Beattape Mix ('08-'10) by Hi-res

DWNLD this fuckinRAWwww mix from leftCoast producer Hi-Res!! The Vanilla Archives Beattape Mix is a 25min grabbag of exclusive Res beats from the late 00's. DNTsleep bruuuhhh

Monday, July 09, 2012

Clear Blue////Beatstein Vol. 1: Live From The Heights

PEEPs Clear Blue's new tape fams

Monday, July 02, 2012

JUICY////Sunrise Blend 2

A few minutes ago French label JUICY just dropped the long awaited second installment in their 80's futureFONKfusion compilation series Sunrise Blend. 25 RAW tracks from a worldwide assortment of beatsmiths to score your summer nightlife. CANT SLEEP!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Still Muzik////MERCS: Popping Beattape

Sunclef - Pffunk (MERCS: Popping Beattape) by BluntGutsNation

RAW new compilation from the Parisian label Still Muzik
The theme is a future producer's interpretation of popping music

DWNLD MERCS:Popping Beattape Fo FREEE @ Bandcvmpo

DIBIA$E////Collecting Dust (Lost Beat Tape)

CHECKout this CRAZYsmoooth beat tape from Mr. DIBIA$E
Collecting Dust is a compilation of Dibiase's lost MPC 2000 beats archived by friends and relatives over the past ten years!

on some Underground Dilla-Tape Cypher Vibes