Friday, November 30, 2012


This years’s Trinumeral is held at two adjacent, classic Atlanta venues – the King Plow Arts Center and Terminal West. The event will be a three stage event, with a King Plow Arts Center stage, a Terminal West stage, and a third outdoor stage in the courtyard area that connects King Plow to Terminal West. This will be a limited capacity event. So get your tickets now while they are still available. This is an 18+ event.

Advance tickets:

Tickets: $45 adv/$50 day of show



Line up: Flying Lotus, Break Science, Blockhead, Nadastrom (Dave Nada & Matt Nordstrom), Teebs, Eliot Lipp, R/D, Midelixir, Panther God, Marley Carroll, Roel Funcken, Ployd, Mr. Atomic, Spytek, Bookworm, Gift, Medisin, Samuel Paradise, Kebbi Williams featuring P Villa, Cloudeater, Isness, Sonen, The Ruination, Asleep In The Weeds, Alpaca, Ahuff

Amin PaYnE////Cosmic Disfunktions

Some fresh future funk from the homie Amin Payne !
courtesy of Cascade Records

When hip hop & funk come together for a mutual love of the beat, that's what we're about to talk about here. 
Amin PaYnE, straight from Auckland (NZ), who is already known for his skills with the mpc, brings us a new release called Cosmic Disfunktions on which he presents to us an intelligent blend of classic funk with a touch of modern hiphop. Over the course of this album we hear references to artists such as J-Dilla, Pete Rock, B.T. Express, Parliament-Funkadelic ... A mix of the past and future, these sounds clearly reflect a dusty, crunchy and soulful sound which is familiar yet new. 


COSMIC: Transcending through future and electronic elements via synthesizers and drum machines. DISFUNKTIONS: Fused on disco & funk sampled/inspired music, together with modern and the 80's sound. COSMIC DISFUNKTIONS, an album that flows fluently through infused sounds of smooth melodies, crunchy drums, luscious sax and guitar riffs. A changeable 13 track album compiled with a taste of a down tempo melodies, funked out heavy bass and uplifting beats. Forever grateful to have talented guest appearances from local and international artists, much love to SilentJay [AUS], K*Saba [NZ], BEN BADA BOOM [GERM], Roughsoul [AUS] and Karen Morales [AUS]. 2012 brought me through a great musical journey, feeling blessed to finally share with you this release that I personally feel is my best word yet. Many thanks to Cascade Records, Sal Martin, all the artists involved on this project and of course for those who support and keep on, hope you enjoy this. One love. 

-Amin PaYnE 


Some new flips from the ATL homie HeRobust ! Plus famlay hooked them up for a free download so you can wreck your next show

Thursday, November 29, 2012


I was fortunate enough to catch the Booty Bakery in action this past September in Montreal. Shout out to Victor Bonglovanni and the Booty Based Mob for this dope new compilation. New exclusives from Vlooper, Sango, Kaystradamus and more !

Falcons////Remixxes Vol. 2

Some dope reworks from the LA Falcons ! Can't sleep on download below



Thursday, November 01, 2012

Yamin Semali////Yen Dollar Music Vol. 1

Yamin Semali - ¥ankee $wing by BluntGutsNation

Brand new instrumental album from homie and ATL native Yamin Semali. Enjoy a free download courtesy of the good people at producersiknow. If you know Yamin through his work with Stacy Epps and Clan Destined, then you already know his debut instrumental album will definitely snap some necks! Brace for face for some raw, MPC boom bap!