Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ta-ku////ReϟTwerk Vol. 2

DOPE Visuals from BRTHR Films

Preview/Purchase Ta-ku's HEAVY 2nd installment in his ReϟTwerk Series

HW&W Mix 04////Sweater Beats

CANT_SLEEP on this LusciousBUTTERsexMIX from Sweater Beats
Click the soundcloud DWNLD button and grab this mix fo FREEEE

 Swindle - Keep Me Warm
Evil Needle x Ellie Goulding - Lucky Lights
Distal - For You Girl
Lil Texas - Whoah
Rynsa Man - Electrons (Sivey Remix)
123Mrk - Can't Believe
Jaw Jam - Long Night
Blackstreet - No Diggity (Bondax Remix)
Amerie - Why Don't We Fall In Love (Kaytranada Remix)
Arca - 2 Blunted
Mama - Gucci Mane
Kendrick Lamar - Blow My High
Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines (Teeko's After Hours ReFreak)
Justin Timberlake - Until The End Of Time
N'Sync - Gone
The Dream - Used To Be
Ciara - I'm Out (Sweater Beats Bootyleg)
Aaliyah - Came To Give Love

Elaquent////Believing LP

Elaquent's new LP Finally dropped this week on HW&W Records !!!
Ever since I got this BootyFULL gem in the mail its just been on fuckinREPEAT

Preview/Purchase EQ's Believing @ HW&W Records 

+Preorder the 12" Vinyl Now!! Ships out July 1st

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cassie////Me & You [Insightful RMX]

HEAVY_RMX of Cassie's Me & You from Oakland producer Insightful

Click the SoundCloud DWNLD link to grab this fo FREEEE

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Not a Beat, Not a Scene

Beautiful mini-DOC on the LA beat scene including tons of homies & legends in the game:

Definetly worth a watch or two //// GowjesVIBES

Directed by Tom MacVicar
Cinematography by Brendan Calder
Produced by Konstantin Sotirhos

Booty Bakery////BootyBasedMob Vol. 2

 supaDOPE comp to get them guhs bootyMEAT shakin from the good ppls over @ Booty Bakery

                                        DNTSLEEP on VOLUME ONE also available for NYP

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Soulection Show #109////kronika

ReallyREALLY dope mix from kronika for the Soulection Show 
Tons of homies on here including our BluntGutsFam heRobust so DNTsleep

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 1. Let Me Ride - Windy City
2. SEPT NIGHTS - atμ
3. The Release (Breathe Easy) - Dutchmassive
4. Everything U Said (rough) - Sango
5. Channel 8 - Fantastikclick & SportG
6. GreenLine - Danimal
7. Father Time - Saukrates
8. Joy & Pain - Freddie Joachim
9. Galactic Soul - DECA ONE
10. The BB Bounce - Yumø
11. SA Lvn’ - Black Charles
12. Bones - •ŢỤẮMÌÈ•
13. Trunk Rattle Part 2 (Boomin’ System) - Danimal
14. ¥ankee $wing - Yamin Semali
15. Back To The Mitten - Tony Ozier
16. Thank You – A J Dilla Tribute - JuSoul
17. Stakes Is Dangerous (prod. Oh4Re△L?!) - De La Soul, Notorious B.I.G & Busta Rhymes
18. $easons - Flamingosis
19. Carpe Diem - Elaquent
20. WhisperLoudly - AbJo
21. Vibin - Evil Needle
22. Touch - Dpat
23. Broken Heart - Koloah
24. Try - Professa
25. King - ohbliv
26. NoOneButU - ESTA
27. Anytime - FLOYDCHEUNG
28. The Distance - Al Patron
29. Inside - k!d Stress
30. untitled - ohbliv
31. Sure - Ahwlee
32. Girl Next Door - Swiff D
33. Cruise The Sun - AbJo
34. Tom Toms - Karriem Riggins
35. Whutcha Want? - Nine
36. Do Da Yancey (Dilla Tribute) - Omari T.
37. NoComparison - ohbliv
38. Eye Needed (Mergeville Ride Mix) - Hanna
39. Mandala - JayLotus
40. Gold On My Mac (LAKIM Refix) - Trinidad James
41. Dirty South - heRobust
42. A Milli (BUSTED by heRobust) - Lil Wayne
43. Mercy (BUSTED by heRobust) - Kanye West
44. Prince Fleaswallow - oriJanus
45. Baila (San Juan Trap) - Sango
46. Goooo - TNGHT
47. Echo.Shutup. Rmx - Mndsgn
48. Pay (For What) - Mr. Carmack
49. Piecat-Patty - eLan
50. HourNaps (comeover) - Mndsgn
51. Brand New (Timbaland’s Beemer Mix) - Sista
52. Luciding - Mndsgn
53. Dilla Tribute - IllSkillz
54. If (Kaytranada Remix) - Janet Jackson
55. So Fly - Ju Ju Sol
56. Rocking You Eternally - Leon Ware
57. Been Here Before - Kings

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

D33J////Park (Tape Version)

"Aquatic textures overlap with bedroom clicks, muffled vocals & vacuous guitar to form hazy late night jams with just enough rhythm for a syrup-drenched dancefloor" -D33J

Click the SoundCloud button to DWNLD this beautifulJAM fo FREEEEE!!!

+Purchase Full Album Digi/Cassette+

MADLiB////Medicine Show (Performance + Interview)

Really DOPE Interview with a LEGEND + RAWasFUKKK Live Footage

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

UTRB////Pressure (Ta-ku RMX)

SUPA-DOPE RMX from BEATheavyweight Ta-Ku 
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Looking For The Perfect Beat////stillmuzik Comp

GOWJES new compilation from stillmuzik , the Parisian label that brought you some of the RAWest LPs and most amazing comps from the past few years, dropped today for NameYoPrice!!!!!
Tons of homies on here definitely cant sleep on this joint! Dope concept too

"In 1983, Afrika Baambata was 'looking for the perfect beat' with his band Soul Sonic Force. 30 years after, could he suspect that beatmaking could go so far, spreading all across the world ? Everybody is looking for the perfect beat. Especially beatmakers. As a tribute to Bambaata, this compilation has been trying to contribute to this quest combining the original skills of mad beatmakers. Search for the loop, slice it, paste it, flip it, glitch it, make it right. Whatever the gear : analog, mp3, digital, software, hardware, it doesn't matter as it sounds good. Today's world beatmaking scene is very prolific, some producers are famous, some are getting famous, some work in the shadow of mc's, but everybody still looks for the perfect beat. Dilla-ists, Pete-Rockians, Primo's addicts, Easy-Mo Beeists, whatever school they belong to, all of the beatmakers united in the volume I of this exclusive compilation brought the finest boombap we all love." -stillmuzik