Wednesday, January 08, 2014


This ALBUM is HEAVYasALLfuckkk////3LLL youaBADMAN



HOWLS = Taku x Kit Pop////Collab EP Coming SooN

Amin Payne x Ben Bada Boom

Click the DWNLD button to grab this RAWWW teaser mix for Amin Payne & Ben Bada Boom's collaborative album Collision////Courtesy of Cascade Records

Dibia$e////UP THE JOYSTICK 2

"I said I wasn't gonna put out any more video game themed projects but I couldn't resist. It's just fun crafting these kinda beats from time to time. Plus some of this stuff was just sitting in the vaults for 6 or 7 years. I might as well put a few of them to use. I hope you enjoy and if you've never heard the OG Up The Joystick. You might wanna peep that out first..."

Devonwho////Cassette Bonus Freebie

Click the DWNLD button to grab this LAIDbackSMOOTHERness which was previously only available as a bonusJAM on Devon's Limited Edition Cassette release for Perfect Strangers

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Elaquent////Green Apples & Oranges

FOKENBOOTYfull new album from the Canadian beatKING Elaquent dropped TODAY!

“I wanted to flesh out certain ideas a little further and play with a few new synths I was testing out, Like most of my albums, all of the songs hold some type of meaning to me on a personal level, and I'm always challenging myself to express myself as honestly as possible with every record."

italdred////The Beginning

GIGANTIC 69 TRACK COMPILATION! featuring Amin Payne, Dailon, Handbook, Kaligraph E, NegroSaki, Ohbliv, Prof.Logik, Sir Froderick + ManyMo

Brought to yous by Italdred Records

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Amin Payne////Dont Stop RMX

Click the DWNLD button for this DOPErmx from Amin Payne


Somepling////Forbidden Light


Unbelievably SmoofTape from the French homie Somepling //// DNTsleep

"Forbidden Light is dedicated to all those moments late at night, when we decide to get out of bed, and irresistibly, dive into a book, do some sketches, or in my case, turn on the sampler and work on beats..."                                                         

Preview/Purchase Forbidden Light @ Somepling's Bandcamp

T. Hemingway////Likewise

Click the DWNLD button to grab this sexy T. Hemingway track and