Sunday, July 13, 2014


"Escapism is Deku's first release in over a year, which he describes as "a love letter to video games, literature, cinema, anime, nature, conversations, spirituality, and all the other planes we escape to."
He describes his creative processes as "primitive," but the music he creates sounds anything but. His intricately layered field recordings and found sounds, "hand-crafted" samples, and originally recorded instruments showcase a variety of techniques from a heavily talented and highly evolved young producer.
Standout number, "Blast Processing" stays true to its name with heavy percussive beats punctuated by gentle breaths while "Staircases," which features fellow Waking Astronomer Alexa Lima, follows variations on a moody, ascending piano riff. The single, "Isis," builds on ethereal vocals from Tikka's Asha Lakra for a sensual, danceable track."  Creative Loafing Atlanta