Friday, April 07, 2017

Sansai & Pep //// Brarlie Chown

Wild new sounds from SansaiPep! This vibe is crazy, was not expecting this at all! Listen to their new track "Brarlie Chown" and enjoy a FREE DWNLD below!

C Y G N //// OnMyMind

Another gourgeous track from C Y G N. Check him out if you haven't already! I'm absolutely obsessed with this French producer's music, FREE DWNLD after the jump!

B. Lewis //// Feel Like You (Dusta Blanks Flip)

Crazy new flip from Dusta Blanks! Inspired by the legendary B. Lewis and his track "Feel Like You" Check it out! FREE DWNLD BELOW!

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Brother Of Moses //// Star Stepper (Prod By The Xtraordinair$)

  • New heat from Leonrd Dstroy, Brother Of Moses, and the The Xtraordinair$ FREE DWNLD below!

Brother Of Moses - Star Stepper (Prod By The Xtraordinair$)

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Hanz //// Insomniac

New incredible composition from Oslo based producer Hanz. Contrary to the title of the track, I can easily see myself listening to "Insomniac" while lying in bed and slowly drifting into unconsciousness. Listen in and decide for yourself, FREE DWNLD after the jump! 

Hanz - Insomniac

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Coen Rice //// Workin'

Dutch producer Coen Rice has been putting in work, and her has the vibrations to prove it! Coen's newest track "Workin" is a certified banger that is sure to get the club to go off in no time. But don't take my word for it, listen for yourself then cop a free dwnld after the jump!

Coen Rice - Workin'

west1ne //// needed me

One of the craziest flips I have ever heard! Check out west1ne's interpretation of a RiRi classic. Cop it for free after the jump!

west1ne - needed me

Kryone //// one for janeiro

New one from Kryone! This time with a baile funk vibe. Cop the track fo' free after the jump!

Kryone - one for janeiro

           *****FREE DWNLD*****

3LLL //// All Black Gundam®

New heat from our homie 3LLL! My man's still killin' it. Check it out!

3LLL - All Black Gundam®

LUUDE //// La De Da

Crazy new track from LUUDE! Don't sleep for real! 

Cop it for free after the jump 

LUUDE - La Da Da

Mo Vibez //// prblms flip

OOOOF!!! New banger brought to you by Mo Vibez 
Don't sleep on this on y'all!

10th LETTER //// R E L O A D E D

 Brand new album courtesy of the producer known as 10th Letter! "R E L O A D E D" is a magnificent blend of analog and digital instrumentation, and presents a transparent display of 10th's signature, organic sound. The album as a whole flows beautifully, so much so that each track's transition almost feels like a portal to an alternate dimension.  

Grab the new project via 10th's bandcamp and prepare for a cosmic journey like no other!   

Friday, March 31, 2017

K_a_y_o //// t w e l v e.

At the beginning of this year, I made a promise to release at lease one new album on my label every month of 2017. Enter K_a_y_o, a Philippino producer making big noise in the Atlanta music scene, and the third artist signed to BGN this year.

His new album, "t w e l v e." is a surreal & unique journey through time & space, utilizing different elements from both the past & present while simultaneously applying both retro & futuristic sounds/vocals. Despite the fact the project is chock full of subliminal messages, the whole album is so seamless that it almost flows like a dream. Even the most critical listener would be very hard pressed to even notice, but I guess that would be the exact definition of "subliminal" anyway, lol. I honestly felt like a better person after listening all the way though, Seriously.

Nevertheless, we're stoked to have k_a_y_o on the roster and his album "t w e l v e" as our 26th release! Grab the new project after the jump, free dwnld as always!

"this projekt is about us, +our current state w/eachother. 
spark the revolution. 
the ending is not now. 
there only lies a beginning. 
i love each + everyone of you.... 

this projekt has been created, mixed, smashed, painted upon, glued, chewed, + shat on by k a y o. 

i sincerely thank you for listening. 
change comes. 
it's inevitable."

                           - K_a_y_o

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

IreQ Savage //// Coffee Shivers Ft. N∞b S¢i ßø† (prod. Ƒreddy.ƒisk)

Check out IreQ Savage's most recent collaboration with N∞b S¢i ßø† "Coffee Shivers" New single off his up coming EP! Don't Sleep!


Produced by: Ƒreddy.ƒisk
Mixed/Recorded by: Jimmy.

Mastered by: Stu3y Da Mad Hattah
Cover Art by: IreQ Savage

Cop the new Single Here! 

Monday, February 06, 2017

Morpheground //// Mirrors

New heat form the homie Morphreground courtesy of Hector Maccello Records!


UNDA //// 747 :: EP 003

UNDA - 747 :: EP003 

Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. 
Buy Now name your price 
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Theme From First Class 02:13 
Cobra 03:00 
Embassy 01:34 
✈ ✈ ✈ 
747 ::: Part 003 of 003 
Written & Produced by UNDA 

Artwork Photography by Sienna De L'Orpaz 

- - - - 
Musicians & Vocalists: 

'Theme From First Class' 
Scott Hess - Bass Guitar 
Alicia Warner - Additional Vocals 
Guide Sridech - Live Drums 

Noparuj Satjawan - Sitar 

- - - - 
Synths, Instruments, Vocals, & SFX were Recorded and Mixed by UNDAWORLD STUDIOS 

Live Drums for 'Theme From First Class' & Sitar for 'Embassy' Recorded at Dynamic Studios (Bangkok, Thailand) 

- - - - 


released February 4, 2017


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Vlooper & MODLEE //// Queendom

"After releasing the SUNWALK EP through Soulection, Modlee is back with her new QUEENDOM mixtape.Living in Quebec, Modlee has made Her debut within the beatmaking community from Montreal called ARTBEAT MTL. QUEENDOM takes us into a sultry future-soul-funk-hip-hop journey.The songs vibrate on themes such as love, family, woman hood and relationship. Once again her music is mostly produced by the beatmaker Vlooper (Alaclair Ensemble). His signature sound keeps complimenting modlee’s ambient style."

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

KUSH TALK //// The Life

Excited to announce Blunt Guts Nation turns five years old this month! To celebrate our country's fifth birthday we'll be hosting a new release every month for all of 2017 First up is the debut album from KUSH TALK, the collaboration from P Villa & Curtis Dro. LSTN/DWNLD the new single "The Life" and stay tuned for the full EP coming this Friday, January 27th!