Friday, March 31, 2017

K_a_y_o //// t w e l v e.

At the beginning of this year, I made a promise to release at lease one new album on my label every month of 2017. Enter K_a_y_o, a Philippino producer making big noise in the Atlanta music scene, and the third artist signed to BGN this year.

His new album, "t w e l v e." is a surreal & unique journey through time & space, utilizing different elements from both the past & present while simultaneously applying both retro & futuristic sounds/vocals. Despite the fact the project is chock full of subliminal messages, the whole album is so seamless that it almost flows like a dream. Even the most critical listener would be very hard pressed to even notice, but I guess that would be the exact definition of "subliminal" anyway, lol. I honestly felt like a better person after listening all the way though, Seriously.

Nevertheless, we're stoked to have k_a_y_o on the roster and his album "t w e l v e" as our 26th release! Grab the new project after the jump, free dwnld as always!

"this projekt is about us, +our current state w/eachother. 
spark the revolution. 
the ending is not now. 
there only lies a beginning. 
i love each + everyone of you.... 

this projekt has been created, mixed, smashed, painted upon, glued, chewed, + shat on by k a y o. 

i sincerely thank you for listening. 
change comes. 
it's inevitable."

                           - K_a_y_o