Friday, October 12, 2018

Omar //// Vale

Omar //// Vale

Awesome new vibes from the up incoming Jersey/ATL based producer!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Lord Bisque //// Day of the Heavy Weight

Lord Bisque //// Day of the Heavy Weight

Don't sleep on Lorde Bisque's debut album "Day of the Heavy Weight" featuring eight high quality bangers that remain consistent throughout, it's our vote for best release of 2018! but don't take our for it, listen for yourself after the jump!

Grab the whole EP via

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Shalom Little //// Road to rATchLanta

Sha'lil is always ill, and his latest EP "Road to rATchLanta" is no exception

"Prelude to the "rATchLanta" album coming out in the forseeable future. 

Documented in the "subjaKKK" fashion. 

Audible grooves of lessons and experiences of being a young Black bachelor navigating in and out of I-285."

Check out the introductory track "Take Off Ya Cool" (Some Cut) then grab the whole EP after the jump!

eLan - that's her man

eLan is back with his signature sound! Really enjoying this banger. Slick sounds of the west coast with a twist of 90's RnB. Once that drop hits you know shit is about to get real, Listen in full below!

C Y G N //// Lost Tracks Vol 1

Elegant ear candy courtesy of french producer 

Enjoy the tape in all it's entirety and all it's glory via 
the link after the jump!

Monday, July 09, 2018

November Rose //// Mītō (With You)

November Rose //// Mītō (With You)

Mītō, which is "With you" in Telugu, is the third release from "Mītō EP".
Features heavy influences from Bollywood, Carnatic, Deep House, and Trap. A major soundscape that should be played loudly.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Monday, May 21, 2018

Handbook //// Holding You + Nightlife

Handbook //// Holding You + Nightlife

UK Based Hip Hop producer Handbook blesses us with two brand new soulful singles. Vibe out and cop the record below!

Im sorry to say but that was immensely satisfying

I don't feel bad for laughing and neither should you

Sunday, May 20, 2018

AshTreJinkins //// No Mans Land / B1-66ER

AshTreJinkins - No Mans Land / B1-66ER

The homie AshTre is back at again with some brand new bangers and a whole new vibe. Come listen and enjoy a self induced trance via big house beats, organic sounds and memorable melodies. Cop the new EP after the jump!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

3LLL //// Made In Japan

3LLL //// Made In Japan 

BGN veteran 3LLL has released yet another gem that you need to hear! This time drawing influence from the far east, Japan specifically. It's quite the audible treat to listen to 3L's signature style while simultaneously incorporating different Japanese cultures. Very cool! DWNLD after the jump!


Tuesday, May 15, 2018


come on, guys

November Rose //// Covalent

November Rose - Covalent

Refreshing and luscious new vibes provided by soulful producer November Rose! Stream/Dwlnd after the jump!

Who y'all got?

That's Just My Aesthetic!

Omar //// Right Witcha

Omar - Right Witcha

Brand new heat from Jersey based DJ/Producer Omar, who's already making big noise in ATL! Dwld this banger after the jump and be sure to keep an eye out for him in the future!

G-BABY GVVAAN //// Oi! (Official Music Video)

GVVAAN's new music video is a serious treat for the eyes and ears!

Shot/Edited by: @Directedbyeli

Produced by Pierre Bourne
Stream GVVAAN's "Oi!" via ASAP ILLZ's soundcloud page

Diz Reno James //// Bridget Jones's Dark Request EP

Diz Reno James - Bridget Jones's Dark Request EP


Clothes //// Chain 2

Clothes - Chain 2 

Brand new banger from ATL based band Clothes! Listen after the jump!

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Controllerise Presents //// One for Dilla

Special (Free) Controllerise pop up for Dilla... 
This one is for Dilla... One of the most influential producers of our time. We wouldn't be here with out him and folks like him. This one is for you Mr. Yancey. Come eat some doughnuts with the squad, vibe and celebrate the legacy of one of the best to ever do it. 

Montly Resident: LeemLizzy

Artist 1: Jeremy Avalon (WERC Crew)
Artist 2: Day Tripper (The Difference Machine)
Artist 3: J FILT (Verysickbeats)
Artist 4: Emman 'Small Eyez' Twe (Digital Good Times)

DJ: Empress Rah

No cover

Spice House Cascade
2247 Cascade Rd SW
Atlanta, GA 30311

10pm - 2am

• Nearest Marta: Oakland City Transit Station / Hamilton E. Holmes Transit Station

*Parking: free parking in front of the Spice house. Free parking in the adjacent CVS lot and across the street.

STLNDRMS //// Veggie tacos lll

 STLNDRMS //// Veggie tacos lll


[S A I K O] //// PokeMart

[S A I K O] //// PokeMart


JFilt //// Hotwire


Funk.shu //// Smoothies

Funk.shu //// Smoothies 


Leem Lizzy //// Big Brother Butter

Leem Lizzy //// Big Brother Butter

Monday, February 05, 2018

DeKu //// Golden Being

"This is the science-fiction story of the Golden Being. Each album I've made has a concept in mind. For this one, the Golden Being is an entity that emerges to witness and record the downfall and destruction of advanced civilizations, before sowing seeds and leaving them to grow again. This album was gradually crafted over a span of several years. Thank you for your love and patience."


All instrumentation and arrangement by Deku

DWNLD "Golden Being" by DeKu via VLSC Records by either clicking HERE or after the jump!