Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Controllerise Presents //// One for Dilla

Special (Free) Controllerise pop up for Dilla... 
This one is for Dilla... One of the most influential producers of our time. We wouldn't be here with out him and folks like him. This one is for you Mr. Yancey. Come eat some doughnuts with the squad, vibe and celebrate the legacy of one of the best to ever do it. 

Montly Resident: LeemLizzy

Artist 1: Jeremy Avalon (WERC Crew)
Artist 2: Day Tripper (The Difference Machine)
Artist 3: J FILT (Verysickbeats)
Artist 4: Emman 'Small Eyez' Twe (Digital Good Times)

DJ: Empress Rah

No cover

Spice House Cascade
2247 Cascade Rd SW
Atlanta, GA 30311

10pm - 2am

• Nearest Marta: Oakland City Transit Station / Hamilton E. Holmes Transit Station

*Parking: free parking in front of the Spice house. Free parking in the adjacent CVS lot and across the street.

STLNDRMS //// Veggie tacos lll

 STLNDRMS //// Veggie tacos lll


[S A I K O] //// PokeMart

[S A I K O] //// PokeMart


JFilt //// Hotwire


Funk.shu //// Smoothies

Funk.shu //// Smoothies 


Leem Lizzy //// Big Brother Butter

Leem Lizzy //// Big Brother Butter

Monday, February 05, 2018

DeKu //// Golden Being

"This is the science-fiction story of the Golden Being. Each album I've made has a concept in mind. For this one, the Golden Being is an entity that emerges to witness and record the downfall and destruction of advanced civilizations, before sowing seeds and leaving them to grow again. This album was gradually crafted over a span of several years. Thank you for your love and patience."


All instrumentation and arrangement by Deku

DWNLD "Golden Being" by DeKu via VLSC Records by either clicking HERE or after the jump!