Sunday, September 16, 2018

Lord Bisque //// Day of the Heavy Weight

Lord Bisque //// Day of the Heavy Weight

Don't sleep on Lorde Bisque's debut album "Day of the Heavy Weight" featuring eight high quality bangers that remain consistent throughout, it's our vote for best release of 2018! but don't take our for it, listen for yourself after the jump!

Grab the whole EP via

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Shalom Little //// Road to rATchLanta

Sha'lil is always ill, and his latest EP "Road to rATchLanta" is no exception

"Prelude to the "rATchLanta" album coming out in the forseeable future. 

Documented in the "subjaKKK" fashion. 

Audible grooves of lessons and experiences of being a young Black bachelor navigating in and out of I-285."

Check out the introductory track "Take Off Ya Cool" (Some Cut) then grab the whole EP after the jump!

eLan - that's her man

eLan is back with his signature sound! Really enjoying this banger. Slick sounds of the west coast with a twist of 90's RnB. Once that drop hits you know shit is about to get real, Listen in full below!

C Y G N //// Lost Tracks Vol 1

Elegant ear candy courtesy of french producer 

Enjoy the tape in all it's entirety and all it's glory via 
the link after the jump!